Sharing is Caring

(I’m writing this on my new phone – I’ve just switched from Samsung to iPhone, so please forgive any typos. I’m still trying to figure it all out!)

So on  Christmas day LagosDad and I were extremely tired and hungover. Vins being in and out of our room from 8 am didn’t help either!

After we opened our presents and had a little nap, we all went out for our traditional Christmas day Chinese lunch (don’t ask, it’s just what we do).

The manageress (is that even a word?) came to our table and said the children could have ice cream at the end of the meal. Vins was super excited until he realized they didn’t have any chocolate – only vanilla and strawberry.

He settled for vanilla and after a little taste, he decided he loved it. I asked him to share with Booni as I didn’t want either of them to have too much. Vins refused flatly. There was no way he was going to share.

So I ordered a little scoop of strawberry ice cream for Booni. By the time it arrived, Vins had finished his vanilla ice cream. He saw Booni have a taste of the strawberry. He saw that Booni loved it. His next words?

“Mama, I’m ready to share now!”


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