Cambridge Weight Plan – The Second Week

It’s getting harder.

The initial high of losing 3.3 kilos last week has worn off!

I went to see my consultant on Thursday to pay for next week (24th – 30th August) and I asked her when I could eat again. I have actually been dreaming about chicken!

She said that normally they more people onto the next step once they’re closer to their target weight. But since I’m not that close to my target weight, she recommended that I stay on step 1. However, if I really insisted, then they could move me up. BUT – then I’d have to be content with losing about one kilo a week rather than two or three.


I told her I’d stick to step 1 for now. She said she admired my spirit and motivation!

I have my weigh-in tomorrow and they’ll take my measurements. But I don’t think I’ll continue on the Cambridge Weight Plan after next week. I’ve become tired, grumpy and cranky. And it’s not really suiting my lifestyle.

My worry is – what will happen when I suddenly go from having about 550-600 calories a day to eating normally? How do I maintain what I’ve already lost?

I’m thinking of trying Slimming World.

Any opinions?

2 thoughts on “Cambridge Weight Plan – The Second Week

  1. Slimming world is really good and gets you eating normal food. I lost with shakes but put the weight back on as soon as I came off the shakes – the weight loss isn’t sustainable. Give SW a go – save you a fortune too!! Best of luck Helen xxx

  2. Hello…i would advice you go for FIT 1 it has shown a lot of testimonies and results and also there is no tendency for you to PUT ON after the programme because its will also do your normal daily 600 calories with exsercise.I can testify my self.i got great results.lost about 32kg and still maintaining…

    Give it a try…best of luck!

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