We are weaning Baby V at the moment.

He is loving his meals – whether fresh or out of a jar – and always wants more. Fruit, veg, meat, fish, whatever – he wants more.

20150206_125619 20150206_125637

I think this is a good thing. But I’m a bit confused…

I’m tempted to feed him until he doesn’t want any more. I think it’s a good thing to load him up so that he’s full and doesn’t wake at night. No? But, if he eats so much he won’t finish his milk. And then doesn’t take in the recommended daily 600 – 700 ml.


What do I do?

2 thoughts on “Weaner

  1. i probably shouldn’t admit this, but i have spent the last twos ays reading your entire blog (saddo) i randomly cme across your blog whilst searching google for short let apartments in london for the summer (so freaking random) and saw your post about looking for an apartment for baby V, which is the same reason why i am looking for an apartment. lol. you have a new fan. weirdly i started a blog a while ago called lagos mummy. then i got lazy….

    • Hi lagosmummy! Thanks for reading!
      Good luck with your flat hunting. It really was such a headache!

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