I Have A Cough

You may remember (but probably don’t) that about a year ago I was stressing a bit about V’s after school activities. He didn’t want to do things like football or gymnastics and I didn’t know what to do with him. Remember?

Anyway, so he still doesn’t want to do any of those things, and that’s fine with me. He’s in school until 2.30 pm every day and I figure he’s getting enough stimulation and interaction during that time.

However, before we went to London last Summer, he started phonics lessons with his friend K. Ms T goes to K’s house twice a week and V joins him. They’ve diversified a bit now and incorporated a bit of numeracy and science. It’s helped him a lot – he’s started reading a few words and has made a lot of progress. Does he enjoy it? Yes. Does he need it? No. He always makes a fuss to go, but that’s because once he comes home, he wants to stay home. He’s happy in the classes though.

So today when I collected him from school, I told him that he had Ms T and that we were all going with him. He asked what I meant. I told him that his baby brother, yaya (the nanny) and I were going with him. He wanted to know why. I explained that K’s mama and I had to go somewhere together and I couldn’t leave Baby V at home alone.

V said he couldn’t go to the class as he had a cough (cue fake coughing). I told him he had to go as we hadn’t given Ms T enough notice to cancel the class (more fake coughing).

V: Mama, I can’t go if I have a cough. K will get my cough and he will get sick *cough cough*

Me: V, you have to go. Ms T will already be on her way.

V: But I’m coughing, mama! *cough cough cough cough cough*

Me: You’re absolutely fine, V.

This went on for the ten minutes it takes to get home – him fake coughing and me trying to reason with (and not throttle) him.

Finally I said to him: Ok, you know what? Just go to K’s house and play. Ok? If Ms T comes, then you can sit with her. Otherwise you play.

V: No. I have a cough. *cough cough cough*

We got home and he went straight to yaya and started the fake coughing again.

He eventually came to my room and said: Mama, I will go to Ms T, but I won’t do anything with Ms T because I have a cough.

Ok – we were getting somewhere.

Me: Oh ok. But that’s a shame because Aunty A said that Ms T was going to do art and craft with you today.

V: Oh. Oh. *cough cough* Mama, my cough says I can go.

*face palm*

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