The Elf

This Christmas (or is it now last Christmas?) we got an Elf for the first time and V called him Fisbee.

I thought I’d use Fisbee as a tool to encourage good behaviour – you know to earn extra points with Santa. Fisbee left him a couple of notes – reminding him to say good morning to his grandparents and to do his Kumon (I know, I just can’t let it go).

I know the point of the elf is for the kids to find him in all sorts of weird and wonderful situations each day – but you know what… I’m not that creative. And I couldn’t be arsed.

Anyway – so V was ecstatic to look for Fisbee in the mornings. He wasn’t just sitting on a shelf somewhere. He was hiding amongst the Christmas presents one morning, hanging off the Christmas tree another. One morning he was hanging off the chandelier, and another reading a book. Ok – so not the most exciting – but V was happy.

Pretty soon (after a couple of days) V got bored with the notes and letters asking him to do stuff. So I decided I wouldn’t bother anymore.

Honestly, it was enough to see his face light up every morning when he spotted him.

I suppose that’s what it’s all supposed to be about!

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