New School

V1 has been at his new school for nearly three weeks now. It’s been a lot for him to get used to – longer days, new teacher, new friends, etc. And it’s been a lot for us to get used to too – new drop-off and pick-up policies, new parents, and a lot more parental involvement than his previous school.

I met with his teacher last week – just to see how he was settling in and coping in his new environment.

I told her that I wasn’t very concerned about academics at this point (it is only pre-school), but more with the social aspect of things. She agreed that academics weren’t something to worry about as he is quick to grasp new concepts and has a good memory. I described some of his behaviours when he was in large groups of children/people. Not only that, but even if I meet someone I know and they want to talk to him. Even if he’s seen them twenty-five billion times. For example, last week a friend of ours said ‘hi’ to him. And he roared at him in response. LagosDad and I later asked him what all that was about. And he said, ‘I roar to protect myself.’ I don’t know if he actually felt that he had to protect himself, or if he was just pretending to be a lion…

Anyway, so his teacher said that his personality is his personality and that can’t be changed. She said that he will not be the kid that gets up on stage and sings a solo in front of the school. And I already knew this. I know. And I know that I can’t change him. I don’t want to. Instead we have to work on ways for him to deal with situations appropriately.

He’s so worried about people looking at him and/or laughing at him, he doesn’t always participate in class or group activities. In fact, even at home he never dances or sings in front of us (though I know he does in front of the nanny). It’s been about eighteen months since he’s let me see him sing or dance.

So… When he sang and danced for me the other day – I had to take the opportunity to record it (with his permission of course).

I was so pleased and so proud, I just had to share it with all of you.

V singing (video)

By the way, how do I embed a video?

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