What’s That, Mama?!

Baby V and I came home from the hospital yesterday. While the experience was very positive, three days was enough and I couldn’t wait to come home to V.
V was super-excited to have us home and was being extra helpful. He helped me put laundry in the laundry basket, wipe his brother’s mouth when he threw up and change a yucky nappy. It was during the nappy change that the following happened. ..
V: Mama, what’s that?!
Me: V, you know that’s his nooni.
V: No mama. That!
Me (knowing what he’s talking about but wondering which word to use): That’s his belly button. Remember I told you about the cord and. ..
V (cutting me off): No mama! THAT!
Me: Those are his testicles.
V: What are those for?
Me: Ummm. All boys have them.
V: I don’t have them.
Me: You do. When you have a bath tomorrow check, ok?
V went straight to the nanny, pulled down his pyjamas and asked her to look.
He came back and said: Oh yes! But you don’t have them, do you?
Me: No I don’t.

And then he skipped off and forgot about it.
Thank God!

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