Reading Stories

As you know, because I’ve mentioned more than a few times, I’ve been worried about how V will take to having a sibling. This is why I had to share the following conversation with you…

V: Mama, will you read me this story?

Me: Sure I will, come up on the bed.

V: Mama, when my baby brother comes, you can read this story to both of us. Ok?

I was so surprised and so proud that I may have had to hide a tear or two.
I know, I know – I’m a sad case!

2 thoughts on “Reading Stories

  1. You were worrying over nothing 🙂
    My eldest son wouldn’t look or speak to his new baby sister when she first came along. I tried to get him involved in nappy changing, feeding etc, but he turned his back in disgust of her! Hahaha. I need not have worried because he very soon couldn’t resist having a play with her x

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