And Another Thing…

I know I already told you that I won’t be delivering in Dubai any more.  And I know I already told you why I was relieved that we’d be in London instead.

And since I’ve already told you – the fact that I have one more reason that I’m glad I’m not delivering in Dubai any more kind of makes this post a bit useless.  But I’m going to tell you anyway!

So – the UAE has passed a new law stating that ALL mothers must breastfeed their children for two years.

Where the mother cannot breastfeed for any reason – a wet nurse will be provided.


When I first saw this news (in February), I read every article I could about it.  I was basically looking for whether this law applied to only Emirati women, or if it would include also expats who give birth in the UAE.

Out of all the articles I read – and there were many – there were only two (maximum three) that stated that this applied only to Emiratis.  And these articles were US and UK papers.  None of the UAE papers said anything about who it applied to.

This scared the crap out of me.

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I did not breastfeed V – he is not any worse for it.  And I have no intention of breastfeeding the new baby either.

And I would NOT want a wet nurse!

Should breastfeeding be part of the children’s rights law?

What about a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body?

Anyway, so even though this doesn’t apply to me any more (if it ever did – who knows?), I thought I’d share with you!

3 thoughts on “And Another Thing…

  1. That’s crazy!! They’re going about promoting breastfeeding in completely the wrong way. Whatever happened to women’s rights?! Oh wait…they don’t have any! Hmph…! Another good reason you’re delivering in London!

  2. That is horrendous. I tried and failed with breastfeeding (sure you know the story), but I wouldn’t want another woman’s breasts feeding my son. How terribly awful! We’ve progressed from the period in history when there was no alternative, formula is there for a reason. Just think it’s barbaric to be honest.

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