According to my weekly BabyCentre emails, I should be able to feel the baby’s movements from about sixteen to twenty weeks.  Apparently if it’s a second or subsequent pregnancy, I may have even been able to feel movement from about thirteen weeks.

So my question is – if I’m nineteen weeks, why aren’t I feeling any movement?

I can’t remember when I first felt V move.  Why don’t I remember?  At the time I’m pretty sure I told myself I’d never forget which week of pregnancy I was in and the date and time, etc!

Sometimes I think I can feel movement – but then I think maybe it’s just hunger pangs (I get a lot of those) or gas.

After stressing about it for a few days, I told LagosDad I was going to have a scan.  It was just last week (eighteen weeks) and I hadn’t had a scan since my thirteenth week.  Nothing wrong with wanting to make sure, right?

Anyway – so everything is fine.  The baby is still there and he’s moving around.  And, of course LagosDad told me I was worrying about nothing as usual.

So why can’t I feel it?  And when will I feel it?

And why is everything worrying me?


5 thoughts on “Movement

  1. I like that last line, ‘why is everything worrying me’ I was like that, but I also asked crazy questions so you’re doing better than me. Hope your pain is easing. : )

    • It’s funny, but I don’t remember worrying like this during my first pregnancy. I think it’s probably a combination of a. Not working any more and having time to think about it, and b. I had some complications in my first trimester – so maybe it’s just normal!

  2. I remember not feeling Lily kick until I was well in to my pregnancy. I used to sit there concentrating and waiting for the tiniest flutter, but no!! If I remember rightly, I was around 22-24 weeks before I felt her move. They reckon baby is around the size of a mango at 19 weeks.
    You’ll be saying baby is keeping you awake before long, swinging from your ribs and somersaulting like a gymnast!
    At least you have had a scan to put your mind at rest,so try not to worry (easy for me to say).

    • Thanks – I’m glad I went for the scan – and you know – since this post published, I’m pretty sure I can feel movement. But, knowing me, it might just be the hunger pangs again!
      I’m trying not to worry – I promise!

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