Summer in London

I’m quite stressed out at the moment.  I have all these thoughts going round and round in my head – and I can’t do a lot about some of it.

Sorry – let me start from the beginning!

V was born in London.  There was never any question as to where I would deliver.  I lived in the UK for 15 years before I moved back to Lagos.  My parents had a flat there and there was plenty of space for LagosDad, me and a new baby.  Although, my parents did have to move into the smaller guestroom and we took the larger master bedroom (to fit the crib and changing table, etc.).

This time round, we decided I’d deliver in Dubai.  Because that’s where my parents are now.  I want to be with my mum.

We toyed with the idea of London briefly.  Very briefly.  But decided it might be easier in Dubai.

But, it’s really not that easy!

Here’s why.

1. We’ll be there over the summer – it’s very, very hot.

2. It will be Ramadan.  No eating or drinking in public.  I would have to stay home all day!

3. My parents’ driver is going on leave during Ramadan.  That’s ok.  I figured we’d manage.  I could drop V off at summer camp on the Metro.  Then I realised it would be too damn hot to even walk to the Metro station (17 minutes walk).

4. To enroll him in a nursery, I need proof of residency.  I’m not a resident there, and neither is LagosDad

5. My mum said there won’t be space for all of us in their flat, so we’d have to rent an apartment.  Where do you even start?

6.  I don’t know anything about the process of registering the birth or applying for a baby’s passport in Dubai.  However, from what I’ve read, it’s not a straightforward procedure.  And – ONLY THE FATHER CAN REGISTER THE BIRTH!

7. It is illegal for a single woman to give birth in the UAE.  I know this doesn’t apply to me – but I still find it unsettling.

8. I would probably only get a three-month visa for the nanny – but I’d need her there for four.  I know – it sounds ridiculous – but it was stressing me out.

9. Everything is so expensive there – I didn’t want to buy all my baby clothes there because it’s so expensive.  A pair of pyjamas for V costs about $28 in Mothercare.  ONE PAIR!

10. And lastly… I just found out on Friday that I actually can’t deliver the baby in Dubai because neither LagosDad or myself are residents there.

So my last six weeks of research – summer camps, nurseries, serviced apartments, visa requirements, buying online in the US and delivering to my sister-in-law, etc has all been a waste.

Now we are back to London.

And to be very honest – although I’m finding it stressful to start my research all over again – I am much happier.

1. Fresh air.

2. Taking V to Regent’s Park to play and feed the ducks.

3. Walking on the high street.

4. Selfridges.

I could go on.

I love the thought of summer in London.  But there are a few things I have to do.

1. Apply for the nanny’s visa!

2. Book in with a doctor.  I’ve emailed the one who delivered V – I loved him and would want him to deliver this baby.  I think I may have left it a bit late though.  Last time I booked in with him at 10 weeks.  Now I’m 16 weeks and I’m hoping that he’ll fit me in.

3. Find an apartment to rent for four months.  I’ve been looking – but we may have to make a trip to secure somewhere I think.  Or maybe I’ll ask LagosDad to go.  If you know of any two bed/two bath apartments for rent in St John’s Wood – please let me know!

It’s all very daunting – but I’ve got to do it!

Wish me luck!

15 thoughts on “Summer in London

  1. Oh wow that’s a lot of stress and research but I’m glad you’ve settled on London now. I went to dubai once in the extreme heat and it was absolutely crazy!

    • Yeah, I was there last summer for a few weeks and it was boiling. I coped pretty well – but I don’t think I’d do too well when pregnant!

  2. Glad you’re less stressed out now choosing London…it’s going to be amazing! (And you don’t want to be in Dubai, in the summer, in your third trimester!!) There’s an agent around Baker Street that specialises in short term lets in Dorset House. Is that too Tandoori Towers for you? Let me know and I’ll try and get his name for you. And this time you’ll be in the brand new Lindo Wing…lucky you!!

    • Oooooh, I don’t mind Dorset House actually. Am looking in SJW at the moment, but don’t mind Marylebone. As long as we are near the bus routes and the park!

    • Rosie… Can you be there in July instead please?? I am not planning to get there until the 1st!

  3. Oh my! Far too much stress for anyone, let alone trying to sort out all of the things you need to deal with.
    I’m glad London has been your backup plan.
    I know having your mum there was a huge part of the plan, but you are trying to cover too many bases already. I’m sure getting mum over to London will be much less of a pain than you all going to Dubai.
    Plus by all accounts (reading the above comments) you will have people there to lend a hand before and after, if needed. He hem….I only live an hour from London on the train too. I’ll be your Doula!!!
    I’m sure you will get your doctor and apartment all sorted out, and London, in the summer, will be fab. It won’t be as hot as Dubai (I’ve nearly died in Dubai from the heat…it’s dreadful) and think of the lovely green open spaces you will be able stroll through.
    Good luck with it all. It will all work out wonderfully in the end.

    • Thanks so much – dr is sorted already. That’s one thing I can cross off my list!
      And I really am looking forward to showing Vinay London. He will love going to the park and feeding the ducks!
      I’ve already told my mum that she must come for at least a month when the baby comes. So I hope we can work something out!

    • Yes I’ve heard this. Was also nervous as I had read very mixed reviews about the hospital I’d chosen.

  4. Gosh! I’m guessing giving birth in Lagos is not something you want to consider? I think London is a better option, NHS or consistently good medical care and all that. I think it’s shocking that a single woman can’t give birth legally in Dubai, even more shocking that you can’t because you aren’t resident. What are they going to do, stitch you up to stop it happening?!

    • I did consider Lagos – but would really rather be in London over the summer!
      As for delivering in Dubai – I guess they wouldn’t let you in if you were heavily pregnant and didn’t have the correct visa/paperwork?

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