I’m finally back.

Not that I’ve been anywhere for a while.

So LagosDad and I went to Bali as planned at the beginning of January.  V was absolutely fine with my parents, sister and nanny.  I believe he had the odd tantrum or two, but nothing unusual there.

Bali was fantastic.  We went to buy furniture – so we were on buying trips from morning until night.  It was a shame that we didn’t get to appreciate the hotel and the fact that we were upgraded to a suite!

We were meant to leave for Lagos two days after getting back to Dubai.  But V and I delayed a couple of weeks.

We had some renovation work happening in our house – and the kitchen wasn’t ready yet.  And our downstairs TV room and bar was being converted into a bedroom and TV room for my in laws.  Yes.  My in laws have moved in.  I don’t want to talk about it right now.  More on that another day.

And other news?  See picture below.




V is going to be a big brother!

7 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Wow huge congratulations on expecting baby number 2!!! I’m so pleased for you.
    Vinay will love being the doting big brother. I especially love the announcement he is unwittingly holding up for the world to see 🙂
    Glad to have you back on form, and look forward to your baby updates.

  2. Oh I am so pleased for you, that is just the most amazing news! I’m hoping to make The Boy a big brother soon but it’s harder than last time :-/ Looking forward to seeing more exciting news!

    • Thank you so much! It was tough for us too – took 2 years. It only happened after I told LagosDad that I was selling all the nursery furniture!

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