Mama Kangaroo

Over the last few weeks, Vinay has started pretending that I’m various ‘mama’ animals and he’s various ‘baby’ animals.  For example, he might climb into my lap, put his arms around me (I love this) and say, “Mama, you are the mama gorilla.  And I’m the baby gorilla.”  Then when he says, “Mama Gorilla?”  I have to answer with, “Yes, Baby Gorilla?”

There must be a point to it all…  I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Anyway, so yesterday while waiting for something to start on CBeebies, we had a conversation that went something like this…

V: Mama.  You are the mama kangaroo and I’m the baby kangaroo.

Me: Ok.

V: Mama Kangaroo?

Me: Yes, Baby Kangaroo?

V: Can I go inside your pouch?

Me: Of course you can.

He then spent a little while headbutting my stomach while trying to get into my ‘pouch’.

V: I can’t get in!

Me: Why don’t you just sit on my lap and pretend you’re sitting in my pouch?

V: No.  I know.  Mama, open your legs!


Me: Look!  Your show is starting on CBeebies!

V: Hooray!

Thank GOD he quickly forgot about his game!

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