Back Into It

Before we went to Dubai in March (for my sister’s 40th), I was chatting with my mum on WhatsApp. She told me to bring my gym clothes. I think I made some excuse and cut the conversation short.

Did my mother not know me at all? I wasn’t going to go the gym!

As you know, since then I’ve gotten a bit ‘into it’. The whole exercising daily, eating healthy thing.

So when we went to Dubai last month, I decided to take my gym stuff with me (shock, horror, I know).

I took my trainers, two pairs of HotPants, two t-shirts and some socks.

I exercised twice.

I thought about it a lot – but just didn’t quite manage to actually do it.

It’s the thought that counts, though. Right?

So now I’m back and have been for 10 days. And yet, I’ve been eating like I wasn’t eating healthily before and I’m not exercising yet.

First I was busy unpacking and putting things away. Sorting out the house, etc. Then there was the whole power issue – so even if I wanted to exercise – I wouldn’t have been able to as the TV and DVD player wouldn’t work.

Then because of the keratin thing (see previous) – I couldn’t get my hair wet or sweaty until I was ready to wash it.

Although the scale doesn’t say so, I know I’ve lost weight because all the clothes I bought in Dubai were a smaller size 🙂 I need to keep exercising!

It’s just a matter of getting back into it.

Can someone kick me up the butt, please?

3 thoughts on “Back Into It

  1. Kicking your butt! 😉 I’m starting to so the sleek technique and really like it. I am SO So unfit that anything too strenuous is going to have me in a heap!

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