I’d been toying with the idea of having that keratin treatment thingy to make my hair straighter/less frizzy. (Have I already given away that I actually don’t know much about it?)

I’m so sick of always having to tie up my hair as soon as I wash it. I’m useless at blow-drying my own hair and if I don’t tie it up after washing it, it dries a bit like this…









Ok, ok – I’m exaggerating. But seriously, it’s not a pretty sight. Even when I tie it up, it’s always messy and frizzy. It used to dry nicely – when I lived in London. But not here. Not in this heat!

I thought about doing it while I was in Dubai. My sister has had it done there about three times, I think she said. But she also said she found the treatments she’d had in the UK more effective than the ones in Dubai. So I decided against it.

I had my hair blow-dried in Dubai three times, I think. And all my activities had to revolve around getting my bloody hair done. For example, going to the gym or for a swim the next day was a no-no as it would ruin my hair. Ridiculous, right?

Just so you know – I usually wash my hair every day. But if I’ve had a blow-dry, I wait a day before washing it.

Last Saturday I went to the salon for my weekly (if I know we’re going out) blow-dry. There was a lady there having something or other done and I asked the hairdresser what she was doing. He said she was having the keratin treatment.

I didn’t even know they did it at that salon.

He told me a little about the process (some of which I already knew from my sister), the price and some other information.

By that evening I had decided that I wanted to do it.

On Wednesday I messaged my hairdresser to clarify a few points.

1. Did I have to use a special shampoo?


2. If I did it on Thursday morning, would I be able to wash my hair on Saturday?

Yes – but in the evening.

3. How long would the whole process take?

A couple of hours.

Great – I booked my appointment for the following morning.

I was late in the morning – LagosDad’s fault, of course. But that didn’t matter.

To be honest, I can’t even remember half of what the guy did (the hairdresser that did it wasn’t the one I had been talking to about the treatment).

They washed my hair first (and the water ran out – so they were using bottles of water). Then dried it, applied some stuff to it. Left it for a bit. Made me sit under a dryer for a while. Blow-dried it. Flat-ironed it. I don’t know.

It took two hours. Thank God I took my iPad and could alternate between my trashy novel and Candy Crush!

After I finished and paid, I said, ‘So I can wash it on Saturday evening, right?’

He replied, ‘It’s better to wait until Sunday. Or even Monday if you can.’


Does this man not understand that I usually wash my hair every day? And that the thought of waiting even two days makes me feel queasy? Also, if I’d known I couldn’t wash it over the weekend, I’d have waited until Monday before doing it.

So then I asked if I could tie it up.

No. Apparently not. At least, not for the first two days. And after that, very loosely. Like with a scarf or something (which I don’t own).

He told me to come in on Saturday to have it flat-ironed again. Which I did yesterday afternoon. He then told me that I could wash it on Sunday.

By yesterday evening, my hair looked disgusting. It was so greasy, it looked wet.

LagosDad and I wanted to go out for dinner. We had to go somewhere dark – so no one would see the state of me!

So I’m about to go in the shower and wash my hair and I can’t wait

I can’t even think about what my hair will be like – I’m just so excited about it being clean!




5 thoughts on “Frizz

  1. I’d be interested to know what keratin they used because you always have to use sodium-free shampoo and conditioner after having the treatment…

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