If you’ve read early posts on this blog, you’ll know that I bought most of Vinay’s clothes (to 9 months) before he was born.  There is a good reason for this – it has to do with being in London over the summer, being due in September and living in Lagos.

I didn’t realise quite how many gifts he would receive.  And I also didn’t realise that he would spend most of his time wearing a vest or pyjamas.  

My mum regularly sends him t-shirts or shorts or trousers.  He still receives clothing as gifts and I still keep buying him more!

Each time we travel I buy a whole bunch of t-shirts and shorts, but I buy them in a bigger size.  You know…  Just in case.

But then I lose track of what I’ve bought and what I still need to get.

He has three pairs of pyjamas in 3-4 years.  

And he still has two or three packs of vests in 18-24 months that are unopened.

Last year when I went to London I went a little overboard.  *embarrassed face* 

I bought him SO many clothes.  I think I was feeling a bit guilty for leaving him for a week…

He has worn/is wearing some of the clothes I got him.  And some were too big.

I was thinking about him starting nursery soon and that he would need all those clothes.  

Anyway, so yesterday I was going through all his clothes that are too small and/or not in good condition and putting them aside.  Then I opened the new cupboard (he LOVES this cupboard) and took out all his new stuff and started going through what will fit him now.

I think I took out at least fifteen or twenty t-shirts for him to start wearing when he goes back to school.  

HOW did I buy him SO many?!  And how did I not notice???  Maybe I shop for him because it’s more fun than shopping for myself (since nothing fits)?

They were all 2-3 years.

He was absolutely thrilled.  He is his mother’s son, after all.

I kept the clothes that were still too big aside (to put back in the cupboard) and V asked me why I was putting them there.  I explained that they didn’t fit him as they were too big.

V: Yes.  This t-shirts still big.  Mama, when the clothes get smaller I wear them?

Me: No, baby.  When you get bigger you can wear them!

Never a dull moment with him around!



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