The Baby’s Dada (Grandfather)

Like most people in the world, I have spent the last two days glued to Sky News.

Not only did I want to see history being made (or born?), but I was feeling a bit sentimental and emotional as V was also born in the Lindo Wing.

I wanted V to watch with me.  Even though he probably won’t remember seeing it, I wanted him to know that he had watched it.  He wasn’t keen.  I suppose after watching a set of doors – with no one going in or out of them – for two minutes was enough for him!

I explained that a baby was being born in that hospital and that the baby was very special.  I told him that he was born in the same hospital.  I told him the name of the hospital and made him repeat it, etc. 

Since I made it ‘all about him’, he was happy to sit for a few more minutes.  This was at the time when Charles and Camilla arrived to visit their new grandson.

Me: Look Vinay.  That’s Prince Charles.  He’s the baby’s dada (paternal grandfather).

V: He the dada?

Me: Yes.  He’s come to visit the Royal Baby in the hospital.

V: But what about the dada in Ikoyi (an area in Lagos)?

Me: Vinay – that’s YOUR dada, not the baby’s dada!

*face palm*

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