I’m Crushed

*stands up*

My name is LagosMum and I’m addicted to Candy Crush.

Really. I am.
All day long I wait for those lives to replenish themselves so I can continue my game.

This evening I was playing. I was done with all five lives, but of course I wanted to keep going.
I had a lightbulb moment and quickly went to the Settings bit on my iPad. I put my clock forward two hours and voila! I had five more lives!

Finished those lives and put my clock forward another couple of hours and carried on playing.

I then reset the clock so it was back in the correct time zone.

I’ve just got myself ready for bed, turned the iPad on, clicked on Candy Crush and I want to die.

I have to wait 315 minutes for my next life!


Did they somehow find out that I cheated? Will it go back to thirty minutes eventually?

Is this karma?

And… How addicted am I?

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