Imaginary Friend

LagosDad and Vinay have a new game that they play.

When LagosDad comes home in the evening, V orders him to lie down and bend his legs.  V then says ‘ding dong!’ and LagosDad tells him to come in.  V crawls under his legs and comes into LagosDad’s ‘house’.  Then they go on to chat about the various rooms in the house.

Two days ago LagosDad introduced his friend ‘George’ to the game.  So it’s not that Vinay has an imaginary friend.  It’s LagosDad who has one!

It all got a bit complicated when V realised he wouldn’t actually SEE George.  When he came to terms with that, he kept telling LagosDad to ask George questions (What colour is George wearing?  Where does George live? Etc.)

I thought I’d make things easier.  I dug out a puppet that I’ve had since my teaching days in London.  I was actually looking for the boy puppet, but couldn’t find it.  Vinay was absolutely thrilled!  He interacted with George (the puppet) – asked her questions and everything.

The problem started at bedtime.  He refused to go to bed without George (or Georgie as he calls her).  He even cried when I said Georgie had to go home to her mama and papa.

So Georgie now sleeps in Vinay’s cot with him.

I’m going to find the boy puppet and see what happens!

Vinay and Georgie

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