Clean 9 Detox – Days 1 and 2

My Clean 9 Detox pack arrived on Tuesday morning (see previous post about drama surrounding delivery) and I just couldn’t wait to get started on Wednesday morning.

I woke on Wednesday morning, had my two Garcinia Plus soft gels and waited 20 minutes before having the 120 ml of Aloe Vera gel.  I’d read several reviews about this detox and all of them said that the Aloe Vera gel tastes disgusting.  I thought I was prepared for how disgusting.  Really, I wasn’t.  I don’t even know how to describe the taste.

You’re then meant to do twenty minutes of exercise.  I didn’t do my full workout – only about forty minutes.

I had a mid-morning snack of Bee Pollen tablets (yum, yum).

Lunch consisted of two Garcinia Plus tablets, 120 ml of Aloe Vera gel (puke), a meal replacement vanilla shake (300 ml) and two more Bee Pollen tablets.  All the reviews I read said that the shakes were yummy.  For me…  I’m not so sure.  It might be because of the UHT milk we get here.  But it is certainly better than the Aloe Vera!

I have to say, I wasn’t hungry.  But I wanted to eat.  

I had a nap while V napped (has anyone noticed how I’m not pushing him to drop his afternoon nap?) and then took him out to meet a friend later in the afternoon.

My friend wanted to buy him a chocolate brownie.  So we were in a restaurant for about an hour or so.  

I found myself getting hungrier.  Or maybe not hungry – but I wanted to eat.  I wanted French fries.  I wanted an omelette.  I wanted a bite of Vinay’s cake.

As it happens, I had to go do groceries after that.  We all know going to the supermarket when hungry is a big mistake.  BIG.  Everything (and I really mean everything) I saw on the shelves suddenly looked ten times more delicious.  I wanted to buy and eat things I’d never even tried before!

By the time we got home I had a headache, I was tired and I was hungry.

I had dinner (two Garcinia Plus soft gels and 120 ml of Aloe Vera gel) and lay down for a bit.

V went to bed eventually and my headache got worse.

LagosDad sat down to have his dinner and I suddenly felt very, very sick.

After throwing up all the Aloe Vera gel (tmi?) I got into bed and slept for 10 hours.  

Thank God day 1 was over.

I woke on day 2 (yesterday) feeling pretty… ok, actually.  The structure of the ‘meals’ was the same as the day before, but I didn’t have any headaches, I didn’t feel hungry and I didn’t throw up!

I forced LagosDad to try the Aloe Vera gel, which he did reluctantly.  He then proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t *that* bad and that I was making it worse for myself by taking so long to drink it. *tuts* (What does he know anyway?)

I was able to sit with him while he had his dinner.  I wasn’t hungry (I’d had my dinner) – but I couldn’t stop watching him while he ate.  The food just looked so good!

At about 10 pm I started to feel a bit hungry, so I had some more Aloe Vera gel.  Why would I do that to myself?!

Today is Day 3.  The structure of meals/tablets, etc. is a bit different.  But what I’m so excited about is…

I get to have a meal!  I’m busy planning my 600 calorie dinner.

I can’t wait to eat!

Oh – I had to take my measurements on Day 1 and then again on Day 3.

I have lost 1 inch from around my waist, none from my hips, 0.5 inches from my thighs and 1.5 inches from around my chest.  And I’ve lost 1.5 kilos.

I’ll take measurements again on Day 6.


214 thoughts on “Clean 9 Detox – Days 1 and 2

  1. Hi Lagosmum, really nice reading ur blog. I’ve been trying to loose dis weight, nt that I don’t knw where to start bt I jst dnt knw how or when to start. Jst had a chat with a friend cos I noticed she has lost lots of weight nd age told me to Google clean 9 nd I found u. Pls I really nid toshed off dis weight, can u help me nd where can I get clean 9 in Lagos nd hw much is it? Would really appreciate ur response, my email is . thanks

    • Hi Angela – I found the clean 9 an excellent way of getting myself into a good exercise and clean eating routine. Of course it’s easy to get back into bad habits – I’ve done it so many times! Please contact James – 08034835439 for your C9 kit. I’m not sure how much he charges. But he’s cheaper than jumia! Good luck and let me know how you get on. X

  2. hi angela.pls am sandra i ve been trying to lose weight after my 3 baby.but is not hw ll i get d clean 9 in owerri and hw much

    • Hello Sandra you can send a WhatsApp message to Robert on 08033191282 on where you want your pack of Clean 9 delivered at no extra cost.

  3. I took fried yam while I was taking the forever Garcinia plus.
    will it still work?
    even a bit?
    anyways pls I need a honest coach and guidance.
    here’s my digit.

    • hello, clean 9 is more like an introduction into the weight loss program. To do the weight loss proper you need fit1 and fit 2. clean9 is for detoxing in preparation for fit 1 and 2. In the process of detoxifying you loose a bit of weight because the body doesnt need the fat anymore. So do get yours. The benefits are amazing.

    • Lose weight, get rid of belly fats, look charming and cute just in 9 days with CLEAN9. Order for your CLEAN9 anywhere in Nigeria. Call/whatsapp Abiodun on 07033612770.

    • Gudmrn Pauline.

      Compliments of d season.

      I am Mr.Olusegun. am in Abuja n also sell C9 n all other FLP products.

      U can reach me on 08038600376, Whatsapp 08128873365, BBM 52CF121C.

      U can also get a home delivery if u wish as We provide professional, effective n reliable service to our customers.


    • Hello Pauline you can call me on 234-8033405331 for your clean 9. At Abuja if you have not got it now.

  4. A good job you are doing here Lagos mummy. I am planning to start my clean 9 tommorow. Please, I need your advice on low calorie Nigerian foods for day 3 to 9. Thanks.

    • hello Busayo currently am on day 4 on clean 9 i prefer to go on fruits n vegetables to avoid counting calories in our nigerian foods.

  5. Hello Lagosmum
    Am Halima and i stay in abuja. I’ve been trying to loose weight for a while now but was confused on what to use. I was then told about clean 9 a year ago but i was not really convinced it would perform miracle so i dumped it. My mother came by for a few days and she was telling me how my sister in-law was looking. She had lost a lot of weight. So i gave her a call to ask her what her secret was, guess what, it was clean 9. So i thaugh i should give it a try. But my fear is will i be able to do it.

    • You can do anything you put your mind to. I promise you it’s really not that bad! Good luck and let me know how you get on.

    • Hello Halima. Lagos mum is right, its really not that bad. Just focus on how good you will feel and look after the 9days are up. Pls let us know how it goes. Goodluck.

  6. Hi Lagos mum,I ordered c9 from someone and the person is selling it to me @ #16000,pls are there immitations and why is it soooo much cheaper than others?

    • Hello Chinyere. D foods you can eat are listed in the c9 handbook. Fruits are to be eaten in moderation while foods are eaten from days 3-9 for dinner only.

  7. Pls LagosMum I just discovered your blog.Pls did you take the Clean9 while breastfeeding? I am breastfeeding and I have gained alottttttt of weight esp tummy fat. Please helpppp me.

  8. Hi Mimi, u can only do the C9 while nursing only if ur baby has reached a particular age,. For more details, contact me on 07069024957. Thanks

  9. Hello Lagos mum, tnx for this post. I bought c9 last week, but wen I saw d types of food to be taken from day3 to 9, I had to research before I start to get results. Pls which naija food wer u taking day 3-9. And how did u measure d calories? Thank you

    • Hello Marcy Pearl, i ate ofada rice during days 3-9 a small quantity. In the hand book brown rice was listed. Three quarter cup- use milk cup.

  10. great blog. plase for people in akure,ondo , owo and ekiti. pls you can order for your C9 at a reasonable price .pls call 07036215910 or whtzapp 09021450938.

  11. Morning I just started mine dis morning n am really sacred hope to finish it n I hope it works I received d insult of my life yesterday I really felt bad about myself so d journey began today

  12. Lagos mum pls av got quite a number of questions to ask. When u are through with taking this c9 and u go back to your normal heavy naija foods wont u still gain weight? and does that mean u just continue taking it? I need this drugs to loose little weight but i dont want to loose weight in my butts and hips is that possible to take this C9 and not loose weight in those places? who can or where can i get this C9 in calabar?

    • Hello Mercy, C9 changes the way you feel and think about food so you wont go back to eating the heavy foods you ate before. You wont crave those foods. C9 helps to eliminate mostly belly fat so its okay to use it. You can get C9 directly from the company in calabar. The address is forever living products: product centre, 10 bishop moynagh avenue, state housing estate Calabar. You can chat me up on 08065554013 for more details.

  13. I have a question Lagos mum. Does taking clean 9 have any effects for a woman who still intends to conceive? Am a bit particular about what I ingest as I hope to take in soon.

    • Hello Judith. C9 has no side effects for a woman who intends to conceive. Infact it boosts and improves fertility in men and women and increases one’s chances of conception.

  14. I’m on day 2 of my clean9 journey, my family is having yam and egg for breakfast. Need I say I’m tempted to take one slice but I came to Google instead. It’s not easy mehn!

    • Temptation!! I’ve been there so many times. Good luck! You can do it! Let me know how you get on 🙂

  15. Hello Lagosmum, am happy from wot i read here.Tanx for throwing light on issues cos am trying to conceive as well and want to get rid of these belly fats with dose around my arm but I was thinking of the side effects.I think am ready for the journey.Where can i get it in Ile ife at a cheap price please?

    • Hello Nike. I wld like to guide u on dat journey. You can get clean9 directly frm the company (forever living products). The company is also in Ibadan. To order for ur clean9 pls chat me up on 08065554013.

  16. …so I finally got my clean9 pack and am on day 6. I have lost 3.4kg as at this morning! Impressive I must say. I have also lost 2.5 inches from my waist…waiting for day 9.

    • Hello Esther. The clean9 pack is different frm the nutri lean pack. Clean9 contains 2 aloe vera gels, 1 forever lite ultra shake mix, forever garcinia plus- 54 softgels, forever fibre-9 packets, forever therm- 18 tablets and a tape measure.

  17. So its Day 6 already. I have only lost one inch in my waist (though overall it looks flatter than before ) also lost 1inch around and 4kg weight. Not really impressed cos my main focus has been belly fat. But hey its just day 6, I still have 3 more days to hope

    • Well done! I know it’s disappointing when the weight doesn’t come off from where you want – but keep at it!

  18. Hello everyone, first of all, a big thank you goes out to Lagos Mum for allowing us use this platform to reach out to a lot of people who want to lose, detox and live healthy lifestyle . I sellClean 9 at an affordable price and make nationwide delivery …pls call 08023695046. Thank you.

  19. Hi lagos mum, I just bought my c9 today, pls can I eat any food on day 1 to 3 thanks, nnenna from ph

    • There should be an instruction booklet in your pack. There’s a list of some fruit and vegetables which you can eat – in moderation. Good luck!

    • For your C9, F. I. T 1 and 2 and other Forever living products and consultation on weight loss and healthy lifestyle matters.. Please call Sapphire 08169060620.

  20. To get the detoxifier pack( C9 ) and any other FLP products contact +2348179531372 . Worldwide delivery

  21. Hello pls am in my Day3 of clean 9 and no physical result actually following the instructions just that am having little exercise. I pray it works for me.what can I do for d best result

  22. For your C9, F. I. T 1 AND 2 and other Forever living products… For consultation on weight loss and healthy lifestyle matters… Please call Sapphire on 08169060620

  23. please how do i get it in ibadan at a low price…ie clean 9, fit 1 and fit 2 and how do i get advice on low calorie food in nigeria.. thank you..please need answer asap..want to start this weekend..thks

  24. how do I get it am in owerri. I need to lose my tummy fat and laps. I need a cheap price.. whatsapp -08148176363

    • FIT 1 is the best and most effective way to continue after Clean 9. If you stop after Clean 9, then the vast majority of people go back to bad old habits and end up in the same place as before.

      Remember, it takes 30 days to establish a habit – and that is why FIT 1 is a 30 day programme – it is retraining your body and mind to want to eat good and healthy food, to take moderate exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

      For my C9 and F. I. T 1 clients.. U will get it at the distributors price.. Call or WhatsApp 08023695046 to find out how.

  25. you can make order for ur clean 9,fit 1,fit 2,and other forever living product at affordable price in asaba,onitsha,enugu,ebonyi,owerri and me 08037672236

  26. Hello, my name is Temitop… I need this c-9 cz I wanna lose about 30-40kg, I weigh about 105-110 kg which isn’t good for my healt…. Pls kindly let me know the plan I would have to go for,, also if you have the 30days kit, lemme know pls..

    • hello Temitope. you will have to go for the whole forever fit program: clean9, fit 1 and fit 2 to loose 30 to 40kg. pls call or chat me on 08065554013 so I can guide u on how to get the products at a good price and start the program.

    • Hello Temitope, I am Forever living business owner who specializes in Helping people lose and maintain the ideal weight. Call me on 08023695046 and let’s help achieve this your weight loss goal.

  27. For those outside Lagos.. You can get these products at an amazing price by simply walking in to the Forever living office closest to you and register using this distributor Id 234002074099 and sponsor name : Joy Ezeigbo..

    This is a life time opportunity to always get your forever living products at a good price.

  28. Hi lagosmum, i’ve read so much and learnt a lot. I’m not really a fat person but i’ve got arm fat and broad shoulders, little hips. I really want to burn the arm fat cos it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Can c9 help me loss a lot of weight on my arm? Cos i just want to loss a lot of weight on my arm and maybe a little on my waist , I already have flat tummy. Is this possible?

  29. Can c9 help burn my arm fat cos that really a part of my body that i’m not happy with and I wouldn’t mind burning a lot of fat there. Right now my arm is 12 and a half inches and I want to cut off maybe 3 inches or more. Is this possible.

    • hello Oyinyechi. for the arm fat I recommend using clean9 and following it up with aloe body toning kit. u can chat me up on 08065554013.

  30. I’m on day 2, Its not easy Lagos mum………………..can take other supplement while on C9 and does it cause frequent urinating

    • No- it’s not easy! You don’t need to take any other supplements with it. As for the urination, yes!
      Good luck and let me know how you get on!

    • hello Don. Kudos for embarking on this program. yeah it isnt easy…just focus on what your body will benefit from this program- maximum absorption of nutrients from food and supplements, feeling lighter and energised, a healthy digestive tract and so on. As long as u take the recommended 8 glasses of water daily, you should expect to urinate frequently.

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