Yesterday evening I had a conversation with V that I didn’t think I’d have to have for a long time…

Me: Vinay, what are you doing?

V: I’m touching my nooni!

Silence (as I’m unsure of what to say)

V: Mama, are you have a nooni?

Me: No Vinay, mama doesn’t have a nooni.  

V: Yes mama have nooni.

Me: No Vinay, only boys have noonis and mama is a girl.

V: Papa have a nooni?

Me: Yes.  Papa has a nooni.

V: Mama also have nooni.  Mama remove your pants and show me!

Thankfully the phone rang just then and we both got distracted.

Hilarious conversation, yes.

But what will I say when he asks me what girls have if not noonis?

I do NOT want to use words like hoo-ha and vajayjay!

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