Last Saturday I took Vinay to a birthday party.

His favourite thing about parties, apart from the food, is his return gift.

One of the gifts he got in his party pack on Saturday was a pair of little children’s sunglasses.

Vinay has only ever worn sunglasses once.  And that was last Summer in Bali.  He didn’t want to wear them, but I convinced him to put them on for a minute while I took a picture.

V in Bali – Summer 2012

Since then, each time he has complained about the sun going in his eyes, I have asked him if he wants to wear a pair of sunglasses (he won’t wear a hat).  His answer is always the same, ‘No’.

After the party on Saturday a friend and her son (T) stopped by on their way home.  They had also been to the same party and her son got the same sunglasses in his party pack.  Vinay watched T put on his sunglasses and wear them for a good few minutes.

Since then he has been OBSESSED with sunglasses!  He wants to wear them all the time.  Indoors, outdoors, in the day and in the night, while he’s having breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Can’t get enough!

So I realised he wouldn’t wear them until he saw T wear them.  Which, to me, says he needs to spend more time with other children outside of school…

I better go set up some play dates!

4 thoughts on “Sunglasses

  1. hee hee what a cool dude and my how big he is now!!! i find with Burton that if he is reluctant to do something if he sees one of his cousins doing something, he will copy x

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