Aching Feet

On Sunday night we were out for dinner (actually just leaving the restaurant) when the nanny called to say V was crying uncontrollably and was complaining about his foot aching.

I made it home in ten minutes and sure enough, he was howling.  He was able to indicate that it was his right foot that was hurting.  I tried massaging it, but he kept moving it away from me.

He eventually settled and went back to sleep, only to wake an hour later.  Again he was crying and complaining about his foot hurting.

Once he was calmer, I brought him to my room where he lay down and looked at pictures of puppies on the iPad.

He hadn’t fallen over.  His foot wasn’t swollen or bruised and I just couldn’t think of what it could be.

I finally decided that it must have been pins and needles and that he didn’t know how to deal with it.

There were no problems on Monday night.

Last night he woke crying, again complaining about his feet.  Not just one this time – but both.  And he really looked as though he was in pain.  I asked him if he wanted to wear socks.  Once he was calm enough and the socks were on his feet, he was ok.

I don’t understand.

He doesn’t say anything about his feet hurting during the day…

Could it just be pins and needles?

Does anyone have any advice?  PLEASE?

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