I thought I’d make an early start today.  Go out, do some shopping, etc.  So didn’t happen like that!

We decorated the tree in the morning;


with a combination of decorations that we’ve used since we were children,


and new ones 🙂



After napping, V decided he wanted to go to the mall and drive cars (he didn’t have to ask me twice!)!  I took him to Mercato.


Vinay had a great time ‘driving’ the bus 🙂


This made me laugh!


Mercato is a very pretty mall, I wish I’d taken some pictures actually (no doubt I’ll be going there again at some point).  But the stores are so-so…  I went into one and asked the sales guy for a pair of trousers in a UK 14. 

He replied, ‘Sorry ma’am, we don’t have big sizes.’ 

Jesus – since when has a 14 been a big size?!  I won’t be going there again.

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