So… V is two.  Two and three months.  

Old enough to understand a little about Christmas, right?  Santa, Christmas trees, lights, gifts, etc.

I hate to admit it – but I haven’t really introduced him to any of those things.  If we were staying here for the holidays, I’d have put up the tree and had him help me decorate it.  But since we’re leaving next week, I decided there was no point.

I knew he’d do a few Christmas activities in nursery, and I thought I’d just build on that at home.

Not very fair on him, I know…

Anyway, so he’s seen the Christmas lights nearby – and I showed him the tree and presents, etc.  

At school they decorated a tree, made snowmen and Santas.  And then we talked about it when we came home.  But I didn’t make too much of a big deal about it.

So you can imagine my surprise when…

Two days ago we were in the car and Jingle Bells came on on the radio.  And he started singing along!

And this is even with the lack of input from home.

I feel so guilty!  The first things he’s learnt about Christmas he’s learnt at school!

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