Two weeks ago (I can’t believe I forgot to write about this before) I went to pick V up from nursery.  I was waiting outside the school, standing next to a lady waiting for her child.  V’s teacher was standing in the doorway, calling for the children as their parents arrived.

The mum next to me said to the teacher, ‘I want to see who is Vinay.’ (English is not her first language).

My first thought was, ‘Uh-oh, what’s he done?!’

The teacher pointed at me and said, ‘This is his mum.’  

I smiled at her (wishing I’d washed my hair that morning) and she said to me, ‘Your son is in love with my daughter.  All I hear at home is ‘Vinay. Vinay. Vinay.”


The teacher piped up, ‘Oh yes.  There’s a big love story in our class!  Lots of hugging and hand-holding!’

Vinay had mentioned this little girl’s name before.  Lots of times.  But I didn’t think anything of it.  I just figured it was one of the names he could pronounce.

He and his new friend came out together. I scooped him up and her mum scooped her up.  The two children looked at each other, smiled and hugged.

Since that day, when he’s made a fuss to get ready and go, I just tell him that X is waiting for him.  And before I know it, his backpack’s on his back and he’s waiting at the door!

He’ll be talking/babbling away to himself and all of a sudden just start repeating her name over and over again.

He walks in through the school gate in the morning, looks around the playground and says, ‘Where’s X?’

It’s just too cute.  

Vinay’s first love 🙂

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