Another Swimming Lesson

Last Wednesday we had another swimming lesson.  I was dreading it.  

I decided I wasn’t going to tell Vinay where we were going until we got there!

However he saw my towel before we left home and said, ‘Mama! Leave towel home. Me no swimming.’

I told him that I was going to swim and that he could just watch.

Our lesson that day was at a friend’s place.  I knew they had a litter of puppies (a few weeks old) and I knew that Vinay wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to see them.

We got there early (so early my friend wasn’t home yet), saw and played with the puppies and then went downstairs to the garden.

Vinay started playing with some sand toys and would not even look at the swimming pool!

My friend and her daughter were back, changed and in the pool already.

I took one of the little plastic watering cans from the garden and got into the pool and started messing around.

‘Someone’ started watching with interest.  And before I knew it – he was changed, arm-bands on and in the pool!!

And he had a blast 😀

He didn’t cling to me too much.  And he even went to the coach and did a few kicking exercises.

I was, and am, absolutely thrilled!

Progress!  Hooray!

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