Bizarre Bazaar

There’s a bazaar on Saturday and I’ve bought myself a table!

I’m rather excited about it – because it’ll give me a chance to really get my name ‘out there’.

But I’m also very nervous.

1. Should I take all my products?  All the shoes and all the clothes?

2. I don’t want to be scrabbling around under the table looking for sizes!

3. What will be the best way to display my products so that I *don’t* have to scrabble around under the table? *makes mental note to find out size of table*

4. Should I take everything? (I know this was number one, but it’s really bothering me.)

5. Who can come with me to help?

Does anyone have any experience of taking part in a bazaar?  Any words of wisdom?


(I know the title of this post makes so sense. It’s named after a mix-up in a school newsletter a few years ago)

3 thoughts on “Bizarre Bazaar

  1. I’ll come and help! I’d take all of your stock just in case, have it in boxes of each type with huge numbers on the plastic bags, and I’d display vertically, do you have any stands?Squeal, good luck!

  2. No stands – because everything’s just been laid out on the dining table or hanging on the backs of the dining chairs! I think I need to get myself a couple of clothes rails tomorrow.I’m thinking of putting all the shoes on the table – organised by size.

  3. marketing specialist for the gap here- some tips- prioritize the stuff that looks best and put it on the table. then in batches as they sell, start putting the rest on the table from a box underneath-invest in a clothes rack with wheels. that way, you don’t have to keep folding and ppl can look at multiple sizes and choices in a short span of time without crowding the table. also avoids shoplifting it that is an issue.-take plenty of plastic bags. people always forget that and its sometimes a deal breaker!-box the clothes by color and type- easy to grab a bundle when in a rush.-plenty of change is also a good thing- start hunting for coins!good luck!

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