Give Me Strength!

So…  Vinay’s been home sick since last Thursday.  Today and tomorrow are public holidays for Eid (so nursery is closed) and all of next week is half-term.  

Now, don’t misunderstand me – I love him to bits.  And I can’t wait to pick him up in the afternoons.  But I also love that he actually *goes* to nursery!

Poor baby.  He has been unwell.  But he’s been in very good spirits (most of the time) and has been his usual destructive self for the last week.  

And now he’s home for *another* week! *throws self on bed and weeps*

Funny how when I was teaching I couldn’t wait for public holidays and half-terms.  I would count-down to them and wonder why all the mums were complaining about having so many days off school!  Didn’t they want to spend more time with their precious darlings?!

Can someone please tell me – WHAT am I supposed to do with him for a whole other week?!

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