I received an email a couple of days ago.  I receive similar emails quite regularly, so I don’t know why this one scared the hell out of me.  I’ve copied and pasted it below (without correcting any grammar!)


Date : 21/9/12


Dear Friends ,


There has been a steady rise in reported crimes within Lagos and Ogun

States and other parts of Nigeria. Security incidents previously

largely confined to the mainland areas have become a daily occurrence

in Lagos Island, Ikoyi, V.Island and Lekki and now in Ota – Ogun

State . There is also a noticeable spike in kidnap and ransom (K&R)

cases, attacks at ATM points, cyber crimes, carjacking and residential

robberies. The majority of the incidents have mainly occurred at

night; however daytime occurrences of criminal attack are on the rise.


As usual every year in the past , The trend seems to be an increase in

crime rates during the Nov/ Dec months (period leading to Christmas

and New Year celebrations). The Indian High Commission is extending

all their efforts for implementing more measures to tighten the

security aspects for the citizens and giving support to all our

community members . However our members are advised to be more

vigilant about personal security to ensure safety at work and at home


General Security Tipss : for a kidnap situation


Victim as well as for Family members of Victims :


Please read below the tips :


Kidnap Situation Tips


If you are a kidnap victim:


· Try to stay calm – comply with the kidnappers. They are generally

after your material goods not life.


· Do give them the number of someone to call – try to have at least

one number memorized.


· Do not aggravate the kidnappers.


· Do not try to negotiate your own release.


· Do not make promises.


· Do not try anything foolhardy, for example attacking the kidnappers

(or aggravating them). Be judicious and stay alive.


· Be patient.


· Be assured – there are people working to have you released.


· Be aware – if you have an automated system from the bank which

shows your balance after a withdrawal via an sms to your mobile – they

may see this



If a family member or colleague is kidnapped:


· Stay calm


· Notify to your Office


· Notify the nearest Nigeria Police station.


· Wait, be prepared for a telephone call


o Try to write down or remember exactly what they say on the call


o Do not make promises to the kidnappers


o Do not mention any figures of cash to the kidnappers.


Security Advice/Tips


The following are helpful guidelines to reduce exposure to security incidents:


· Try to avoid night movements


· Vary routes and times of movements as much as possible.


· Avoid displaying signs of wealth (cash, bags/brief cases,

jewellery, laptop, bank documents especially in cars etc)


· Avoid using ATMs in public places.


· Do not take cabs or commercial motorbikes within bank premises.


· While in traffic, lock the doors and keep windows up.


· Increase vigilance especially when arriving/departing regularly

visited locations such as home, work, Church/Temple / Mosque, petrol

stations etc.


· Look back before the last turning of the street before entering

your residence Gate , to know and confirm sombody is not following

your car . If you find any suspicion then you should not enter the

residence gate and direct your driver to take the car to some other

safe place where ever you feel far from that place or drag the

journey some more time to confirm and ensure nobody is following you.


· Review your residential security and apply hardening measures

(procedure, equipment and trained security personnel) to your

estate/individual residences).


· Watch out for motorbikes (okada riders) and heighten your alertness

at all times for them.


· Don’t linger around after a social event, church or mosque service.


· Limit the number of people that know your personal details and

travelling arrangements.


· Do not enter into any argument in public over sensitive /

controversial matters


· Brief your family on what to do if you or somebody from the family

is kidnapped.


· Be aware of people observing you or your family. If at all

suspicious inform the Police or the Security Department straight away.


In case of any problem or if you have any information to share, please

contact Indian High Commission at Abuja/Lagos at the following



I know it is for our own safety – but how are we meant to live normal, everyday lives like this?  What about ‘quality of life’?

Don’t go out at night?

Don’t use ATMs in public places?  Surely a secluded ATM is just a dangerous?

Vary routes and times of movements?  How are you meant to get to and from work/school at different times everyday?

How long are we meant to watch our backs for?  A month?  Two?  Forever?

Who EVER thought they’d read an email about how to deal with kidnappings and kidnappers?!

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how careful you are – if you’re the chosen target, that’s it.

One thought on “Security

  1. I work in Dubai, and noticed an increase in PIO’s (person of Indian Origin) coming down from S.Africa, Kenya,DRC and Nigeria to buy property for that same reason. Last year I had a woman from Durban who was bawling her eyes out, telling me the story of how her husband was shot in broad daylight during a random car jacking. Apparently, the robbers thought indian=pots of gold which was not the caseBut you are right- you can only take so many precautions, but if your time comes, you have to do the best you can

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