Yesterday morning V got ready for nursery without any fuss.  He put his backpack on and got his lunchbox and called for me.  Smiling and laughing.

Wow!  This was amazing!  I’d woken up with a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach – and all for nothing!  

Just the night before he got all cranky and whiney when the ‘s’ word (school) was mentioned.  He got upset when I opened his cupboard to take out his clothes for the morning.  He screwed up his face and threw himself onto various bits of furniture.  It was actually quite funny.

LagosDad said, ‘Wow!  Are you ready for school already?’  

And V replied, ‘No! Birthday party!  Mama!  Birthday party!’

Uh-oh.  He thought we were going to a birthday party.

I explained that we *were* going to a birthday party, but not until the afternoon.  He had to go to school first.  He ignored me.

In the car, he became more anxious, repeating ‘Birthday party! Birthday party!’

In hindsight, I’m sure he knew he wasn’t going to a party.  He’s a clever one, that one.  Not much gets past him – and I know he doesn’t associate his backpack or lunchbox with birthday parties!

I tried to distract him with buses, tankers and trucks.  It didn’t work.  He just kept repeating it over and over!

We pulled up to the gate and he started wailing.

I took him out of his car seat and carried him into the school.  I felt terrible.  He was clinging to me, arms around my neck.

His teacher came, took him from me and went inside.  

I was standing with the two owners of the schools – they were telling me not to worry, and that he’d be fine in a few days.

And I burst into tears.  

They consoled me for a few moments and I left.

I could hear Vinay crying inside.

Fingers and toes crossed for a good Friday morning.



One thought on “Breakdown

  1. he WILL be fine in a few days. Just keep speaking positively about school and how proud you are of him and how proud he should be that he’s started school! Make it about him and his accomplishment! Good luck! x

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