Karma Bit Me

As I mentioned previously, I don’t want to be one of *those* mums.  

I don’t want to to call school all the time because I’m worried about Vinay.  

I don’t want the teachers to snigger behind my back because of my anxiousness.  I don’t want them inwardly groaning when they see me coming.  Or even worse, hide in a colleague’s classroom in order to avoid me completely.  

I know that teachers do these things.  

And the reason I know is because I have done all of the above.  At least once.  *ashamed face*

Ohhh how I wish I could take back the eye rolls that were directed towards the mother who wanted her child to drink half a bottle of water before eating.  I have to admit, I’m not that bad – but the first thing I do when I pick him up is take out his water bottle for him to have a drink!

Ohhh how I wish I understood then why the mums had to hug their children every morning when they dropped them off.  We are not at the ‘hugging goodbye’ stage yet.  We are at the ‘scoop up child and take him inside while he’s crying’ stage.

Ohhh how I wish I hadn’t laughed at the mother who paced up and down outside the classroom twenty minutes before school finished.  That was me on Monday.  I was thirty minutes early to pick him up.  

Ohhh how I wish I hadn’t groaned every day when the same mum asked me what we had done that day.  I so want to know what V does in school – I want every minute accounted for – from 8.45am – 12.30pm.

I remember sighing everyday when it was time to write in the children’s ‘Communication Book’.  I wish his nursery had such a thing!

I remember groaning at the start of every term when I had to do my ‘Welcome/Topics We’re Covering Letter’ for parents.  I wish his teachers had to write them!

I remember the frustration of most teachers when parents would just pop in and out of classrooms at the beginning and end of the day.  We are not allowed into the building.  I do not know where Vinay’s classroom is or what it looks like.  I don’t know where he sits and I don’t know if any of his work is displayed on the walls.  Is that because we’re only three days into the term and they want the children to settle first?

It’s karma.  It has come and bitten me on the ass.

And I am in danger of turning into one of *those* mums!



2 thoughts on “Karma Bit Me

  1. This is fabulous. Ever since having The Boy, I’ve completely changed my attitude towards parents because I get it now.

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