We're in Bali, having a (mostly) wonderful time.

But something is bothering me (no, it's not my mum).

It's my child and how particular/peculiar he is.

We went to the beach and he didn't like the feel of the sand on his feet. He had to be carried on LagosDad's shoulders the whole time! I was watching other kids his age, and they were all having the time of their lives running/crawling about.

We took him to the zoo a few days ago and he *loved* it. He loves animals. However, he didn't want to touch the parrots, the deer or feed the elephant. He didn't want to sit on the pony either!

He wouldn't get into the pool until our sixth day. And even then, would only splash about on the first step. Him getting that far was an achievement, and wasn't planned. Instead of wearing his swimming shorts, he was wearing a vest.

Today, he refused to stand on the first step in his swimmers. He wanted to wear a vest!

We went to Turtle Island yesterday. He didn't want to get on the boat, though he loves them! He saw the turtles, but didn't want to touch any of them. He was, however, quite happy to pet the little puppies we saw!

He ate noodles for the first time and enjoyed them. And he also ate sweetcorn soup for the first time and loved it. But he wouldn't eat it again!

And he won't wear a hat.

So? What's going on? I realise these are all new experiences for him, but how do I get him to stop saying 'no!' to everything?


One thought on “Aargh!

  1. Z is going through a "say no to everything" phase… Even stuff he likes! One day he loves fish finger and then one day he just chucks it across the room. Maybe he’s just very aware because it’s new surroundings. I bet he won’t want to leave by the end (hopefully!)

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