Jealous Toddler

I have a jealous toddler.

At first I thought it was quite cute.  If the dog is sitting in my lap and having a cuddle, Vinay usually comes running over, pushes him off and takes his place.  So cute, right?

A couple of months ago, I was helping a friend’s daughter up a step.  Vinay was holding one hand and the little girl my other hand.  Vinay pushed her.  I was quite mortified, but, I have to admit, secretly pleased.  

This morning, at playgroup, a little girl threw something which just missed my head.  Her mum immediately reprimanded her and made her apologise to me.  The girl apologised by rubbing her forehead against mine.  Awww!  Vinay was sitting in my lap at the time and got annoyed with her.

I think being jealous of other children is quite normal.  

What worries me is that he’s jealous of LagosDad as well!

Let me give you a couple of examples.

When V watches a DVD in our room, he pushes us both back so we’re lying down on our own sides of the bed and then sits between us or cuddles with me.  BUT, he will not allow LagosDad and I to touch each other.  We cannot hold hands, my elbow cannot be touching his elbow and we cannot kiss.  Not even a peck.

Last night we were sitting next to each other on the bed and I had one arm around LagosDad.  Vinay came along and moved my arm.  Then he saw that our legs were touching and he moved my leg.  And all the while he was shouting!

When we first realised that he got annoyed, we’d have a cuddle on purpose, just to see his reaction (is that mean?).

But now it’s getting to be a bit much!

Has anyone else experienced this?  Is it normal?  What should we do?

5 thoughts on “Jealous Toddler

  1. Little A gets jealous too – she always prises me and OH apart when we hug. Guess its just a phase.

  2. Yes!!!! We have exactly the same thing. I was chuckling when I read about your hugs with LagosDad because we do exactly the same. But he toddled over and my OH picked him up thinking we would all have a group huh. Instead he pushes me out of the way so he can hug his dad all by himself!! Charming!!

  3. Absolutely perfectly normal! The Boy wouldn’t let us hug until about three months ago (about 30 months) because I was quite strictly his mummy and nothing to do with Mr. TBaM. How very dare he think otherwise. I think it’s also a little Alpha Male thing. We’re allowed to hug now, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s all Mr. TBaM will be doing!

  4. i am chuckling at the other comments aswell as your post! Burton hasn’t got jealous of me and his daddy cuddling or kissing because we don’t really so he has not had a reason to see and comment on it lol!it is probably a phase and lets be honest, it is better that he is wanting you all to himself than an actual girl!!! you will be the one who is jealous then!!! xx

  5. Thanks ladies, I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about it too much. And I think Vinay just has to get used to us cuddling!@JennyPaulin – LOL! I’m already dreading the day he starts being interested in girls!

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