Britmums Live! Are You Going?

It’s nearly here…  I can feel the excitement building…  Not long to go!  

Am I nervous?  Yes!

Am I excited?  Yes!

Do I know what to expect?  No!

The wonderful Melksham Mum (can’t wait to meet her) has tagged me in this meme created by Claire at A Boy With Aspergers.

Q. What’s your blog title/URL and how long have you been blogging?

Blog URL: and I’ve been blogging since June 2011.


Q. Will Britmums Live be your first blogging conference?

Yes! *freaks out a little*


Q. Did you bag yourself a sponsor?

Yes?  My sponsor is LagosDad!


Q. Are you attending both days?

Hell, yes!


Q. What are you most looking forward to about the conference?

I’m looking forward to learning new things about blogging.  But I’m most looking forward to meeting Twitter friends and making new ones 🙂


Q. Are you wearing branded clothing (your sponsors brand)?

Nooooo.  No ‘formal’ sponsor!


Q. What is your planned style for this event?

I haven’t really thought about it yet.  But I’m sure there’ll be plenty of discussions about it nearer the time!


Q. Are you hoping to be nominated for a BiB award?

I wasn’t expecting to be at all – and the shortlist is out – congratulations if you’re on it!


Q. If so, what category?



Q. Will you be looking to network with Brands?

I don’t think so…  Have many other things to learn about blogging first!


Q. What do you hope to gain from the conference?

New friends, new ideas and different perspectives.


Q. Will you be dressing up in the toilets for the Friday night BiBs?

Mmmm…  Possibly.  Will wait and see!


Q. Are you speaking at the conference?  If so, when, where and how do you feel about it?

Hell, no!  I’ll probably be hiding in a corner!


Q. Will you be joining in the early morning bloggercerise on the Saturday morning?

Hell, no!  I’ll be in bed for as long as possible!


Q. Which speakers are you most looking forward to listening to?

I’ve read the Look who’s speaking at Britmums Live! page many times – and the line-up is just fab!  I couldn’t choose just one or two people!


Q. Which workshops will you be attending on the Friday (Day 1)?

I’m still deciding between the two Discussion Dens!


Q. Which workshops being held on Saturday (Day 2) have grabbed your attention?

Photography, daddy bloggers and using Facebook 


Q. Are you booked into a hotel for the Friday night, and if so, which one?

Oh yes – The Hoxton!  And NotSoSlummy and I are sharing!


Q. Will you be looking for after party drink?

Mmmm.  Yes.  Always.


Q. Are you worried about not knowing anyone or being confident and socialising on the day?

I’d be outright lying if I said, ‘No’!  I am.  I’m very shy!


Q. What are you most likely to be found doing while attending Britmums Live?

Trying to make friends, rubbing under my eyes in case my eye-liner has run and texting home to check that Vinay is ok!


Ok – so now, here are the rules…

Copy the questions.  Answer the questions.  Link back to and link up at A Boy With Aspergers and tag a couple of people.

I’m going to tag…



(Just) Above Average Mum

3 thoughts on “Britmums Live! Are You Going?

  1. You’ll be too hungover for the bloggercise! Exercise? Pah!Nice to see we found sponsorship from similar sources ;)Looking forward to meeting you! *screams* !!

  2. I’m there too!! I’m so nervous but really excited at the same time. I don’t have a sponsor either. I’ve been tweeting with some mums for so long yet have never net anyone in real life yet so can’t wait! See you there!!

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