OMG… Is That You?

My cousin is here, visiting from China.  He came over to visit and meet V the other day.  He was wandering around the house and came across our ‘picture board’ (it needs updating quite desperately)…


He spent a few minutes looking at the board and I heard him say, ‘Oh my God…  Is that you?’

The picture he was looking at was the one below (I’m on the left).


I turned to see which photo he was talking about and said, ‘Yep.’  He asked when it was taken.  So I told him, ‘Six years ago – the week of our wedding.’

‘WOW!  You were seriously slim!’

Yes.  Yes.  Yes I know I was.  I know I’m not anymore.  I know it’s highly unlikely that I’ll actually look like that again.  But funnily enough, I didn’t mind so much that he’d said that.

What I DID mind was my husband (who was also in the room) nodding his head in agreement and saying something like, ‘Yep’ (but he was actually saying a whole lot more).

That’s when I asked him, ‘Have *you* looked in the mirror lately?  Have you seen *your* belly?  And you didn’t even carry a child in it for nine months!  What’s *your* excuse?’  Poor man ran for cover.

But…  But I knew.  There’s no excuse to look the way I do when Vinay is already 18 months!  I should have lost all the weight (it can’t even be classified as baby weight anymore) already!

I see mums in playgroup – with children (some have more than one) that are younger or about the same age as Vinay – and they look FABULOUS!  

That’s it.  Time to do something about it!

4 thoughts on “OMG… Is That You?

  1. I would have slapped him. Seriously slapped him! How rude! Don’t care if he is your hubby, you grew a baby for him!MEN!

  2. Good luck Dia! I had a fab personal trainer and was doing so well, felt fit, lost weight, then he moved out of town, I injured my back and it all went downhill. I think the weight is one issue, but when you feel fit the scales don’t matter as you feel good. My advice is find a PT you like and see him twice a week, if he is hot, it helps, I promise. x

  3. the weight issue we all deal with it post baby! you are right though you see some mums and wonder how they manage to do it. Doesn’t get the hubby’s any browny points when they comment about our weight!

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