I Don’t Need Your Advice… But Thanks!

Vinay needed a haircut.  Desperately.  And I *knew* what was going to happen when he had it.  I could just imagine the tears and screaming.  So I asked Hub to take him on Saturday.  And he agreed! (Lovely Husband).

He took him to the same salon I used to go to regularly.  I haven’t been there in months (for several reasons).  Anyway, so apparently the tears and screaming were just as I imagined they would be and to distract him a little during the haircut, Hub gave him a BlackBerry case that happened to be lying on the table at the salon.

Vinay was still teary when they came home and he was still holding the BlackBerry case.  Hub gave it to me and asked me to return it during the week.  I knew I was going to *have* to go in there…

I dropped by there this morning on the way back from playgroup.  Vinay was clutching a few Nairas (local currency) which he’d taken from my wallet in the car when we went in.  He remembered the place when we arrived and started squirming and whining immediately (he sounds like a dog!).

I greeted the owner – the man who used to do my hair.  Like I said, I hadn’t seen him for months.  Maybe about 9 or 10?  

The first thing he told me was that I shouldn’t let my son hold that money because the notes are very dirty.  And that *he* always keeps new notes in his pocket for his son.  Granted, the notes were quite manky (as they usually are) – but so?  He was coming home and going into the bath straight away, anyway!

I then tried to put V down on the sofa while we had a quick chat – but he had already spotted the man who cut his hair and was very clingy.  I said, ‘Oh – I think he’s a bit scared!’  Response I received?  ‘You know why?  It’s because you don’t take him out enough.’  


I didn’t really feel the need to explain that I take him to playgroup 4-5 times a week (yes, we’ve increased it from 3).  I made my excuses and left.

I don’t know if he means well, or if he actually thinks his parenting skills are better than mine – but I wish he’d keep his advice to himself.  Unless I ask for it!

It’s been bugging me all day.  And I’ve remembered why I don’t go there anymore!



5 thoughts on “I Don’t Need Your Advice… But Thanks!

  1. WHat a rude man! I was indignant when I took The Boy into school one day when he was about 15 months. He walked into a room and three people that he didn’t know bent down to try and pick him up. He came running over to me and hid. They said, "Oh you’re going to have trouble when he starts school if you’re not careful!" Um, no I’m not, you’re a stranger and tried to pick him up!Idiots!

  2. I hate people – especially ones you hardly know – doing that. It’s none of their business quite frankly. No wonder you don’t get your hair cut there. X

  3. That’s ridiculous ! Nasty little man ! Nothing acceptable at all about sticking your nose into other people’s business. So what if the notes were manky ( I remember them well ! ) have you ever heard of a child picking up a hideous illlness from money ? No of course not ! Don’t bother wasting your time thinking about him my love xxx

  4. Yep – I was quite livid, but managed to hold it together! Won’t be going back there in a hurry.Thanks for commenting ladies. x

  5. Grrrrr hate people like that. It’s usually suck stupid advice too and put in such a rude way. Takes me back to the early days of when random people used to say to me "he should be drinking 3oz, not 2. He’s not skinny, too small, too pale".. Grrrrrrr!!

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