Use Your Feet!

When Vinay turned one, one of the presents Hub and I gave him was a Little Tikes car thingy.


He loves it.  He loves being pushed around in it.  And in the late afternoons, when it is cooler outside, we take it out into the compound and he has a little ride.  

While we were in Dubai, I took Vinay to a soft-play area in one of the malls.  He was a bit overwhelmed, but quite enjoyed himself.  Attached to the play area was an arcade.  They had loads of little rides and things.  I put him on a couple, but he just screamed.  He was, however, very happy to sit in the Kiddy Kart or in a trolley in every mall we went to (there were a number of them) and just be pushed around.  He would sit for a couple of hours at a time, which worked out perfectly for my mum and me.


Vinay in Kiddy Kart (Dubai 2012)

At playgroup, they have several of these Little Tikes ride-on cars.  Vinay has never given them a second look.  Until now.  He seems to have discovered a new-found love for them (I blame the malls in Dubai).  And none of them have the base attached.  This is so the children’s feet can touch the ground and they can push themselves along and zoom around wherever they want.  That’s great.  IF your child knows how to use his feet to do that!

So…  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, he spots the cars as soon as we walk in.  He looks around for which one he wants and sits in it while I go and pay.  When I come back, he lets me know that I have to push him.  So I do.  And it’s hot.  VERY hot.  So I’m sweating like a piglet before 10am, trying to push him about and shouting, ‘Use your feet, Vinay!  They’re going to get stuck underneath the car!’

I’ve been trying to convince him to do activities indoors (where it’s air conditioned).  

‘Vinay, do you want to see the horse?  Shall we go sit on the horse?’  He looks interested for a split second but then turns away.  

‘I know!  Let’s go read a book!’  He goes and sits in another car.

‘Shall we go see if your friend, X, is inside?’  He looks at me briefly, but decides against it.  

‘Shall we go play with the trains?’  Hooray!  It worked!

He enjoys playing with the trains and in the kitchen, etc.  I tend to stand back and watch him and as soon as he seems settled, plonk myself on the ground near the air conditioner and start a conversation with another mum.  

I think he has some sort of radar, because as soon as I’m comfortable (and cooler), he zips out of the room.  

One second he’s there and the next he’s gone!  

Back to the bloody f-ing cars!

I’m very happy for him to sit in them.  I’m also very happy to push him around.  Even though it’s sweltering hot.  But I’m so scared that I’m going to hurt his feet if they get caught underneath!

So how do I get him to use his legs to push himself along?  

And how do I (selfishly) ‘encourage’ him to stay indoors?


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