Curiousity Killed The Cat, And All That…

My husband travels for work quite a lot.  Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Delhi, Paris…  You get the picture.

Before Vinay was born, I could never go with him as all the trips were during term time and I couldn’t miss school.  I was never keen on going on his India trips but I did, however, go to Malta with him one year as it was half-term.

Anyway, I know that he’s busy during the day – with meetings and seminars, etc.  And I also know that the nights can be quite heavy.  Gala dinners, pubs, bars, clubs, etc.  So now I know not to ask him to buy anything for me unless 1. I know he has a free day and is going into town and 2. We need something in an emergency, which I can’t find here (mostly things for Vinay).  Although, depending on where he is, he usually buys a couple of bottles of wine, ham and cheese 🙂 and always gets something for Vinay.  Clothes, Lego.  Something.

Last week he was in Dublin.  And because of flight timings, he got there a day early and had half a day free on the way back.  I asked him to buy my mascara (Mac).  Which he did, thank God!

He came back on Saturday morning with a Mickey Mouse, two cars from Cars and a remote control Lightening McQueen (wonder who that’s really for?) for Vinay.

I spotted a Miu Miu carrier bag.  I kept hinting at him to unpack his bag.  But he only took out his laundry to start with.  

This morning he unpacked properly (yesterday was a holiday so he was home from work, but still didn’t unpack).

And left the Miu Miu carrier bag on the landing floor but hasn’t handed it over yet!


I took a peek inside after he left for work this afternoon, but his scarf is covering the contents.


He’s just left it there.  In the middle of the landing.  And every time I go past it, it looks at me.  Taunting and teasing me.

WHY hasn’t he given it to me yet?  Is he keeping it for Valentine’s Day?  Or my birthday?  If so, couldn’t he put it AWAY somewhere?  Maybe it’s for his mum?!

So he’s at work…  Shall I open it and have a look and then feign surprise?  Or should I wait?

7 thoughts on “Curiousity Killed The Cat, And All That…

  1. I would be in that bag faster than you can say "miu miu". Hell yes have a look! Although I would have definitely asked him what it was if he had just left it there!

  2. Wait and ask him. Ask him if it’s for you and if so when you’re going to have it. He’s being a bugger in teasing you!

  3. I am a total peeker!! But maybe you should casually ask him over textWe have the same lighting McQueen car, boys will be boys huh?

  4. I’ve decided I’m going to just wait. I’m not going to say anything about it! But the suspense is *killing* me!

  5. I don’t know what he’s thinking! I wonder if he assumes I know it’s for me and should just open it? But I WILL WAIT!

  6. Re: Lightening McQueen remote control car – he said to put it away until Vinay is older because the box says 3+ Erm… Maybe he should have bought him something more appropriate then?!

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