There are a number of nursery options here, and anyone you speak to has an opinion on one or more of them.  Some of them accept children at 18 months, some at 20 months and one or two at 24 months.

A few months ago, mums with children the same age as V started asking if I’d been to see any nurseries.  One or two of them had been to see several and I started feeling the pressure!  Some of them are in quite high-demand and waiting lists are long…

I went to visit one.  And I loved it.  And decided that V was going to go there.  Why bother looking at the others when this one is so close to home?  I won’t have to sit in traffic crossing the bridge twice a day!

Hub went to visit it, got a tour and he really liked it too.  We registered with them and decided that V would start in April when he’s 19 months old.  He would be dropped off at 8.30 every morning and picked up at 12.30 every afternoon.  No problem.

But recently, over the last month or so, I’ve started questioning whether this is the right thing to do for him.  Nursery is the right thing (although I’m aware many would disagree).  But I’m wondering about whether he might be too young still…

He can’t talk yet – how would he make his needs known?

He’s still a little insecure – would he stay for four hours without me or another adult he’s happy with?

And…  I don’t think he’s ready.  Although a lot could change in the next couple of months.

I told Hub I think it would be better for him to go to playgroup for a year.  I’d be with him, but can keep my distance and he would slowly become more confident.  And he could start nursery in September when he’s nearly two.

Hub thinks I’m being too anxious.

Eighteen months is *very* young.  Isn’t it?  

Would love any advice you have… 




4 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. Hi, I understand what you mean, my first child was in a playgroup starting at 18 months where she was able to go with her nanny who stayed with her and then she was weaned gradually, by the time she started at nursery at age 2, I felt she was fully ready and the tears were minimal and so was my anxiety. However for my second one he started at 18 months old and seemed ready earlier, for him i didn’t feel he could wait till 2 before starting nursery. I suppose for my younger one accompanying his older sister to school and joining me on school runs made him ready to start school as well. So do what you feel is best for your child, you know your child best and you also know what makes you feel comfortable!

  2. I’m with you, 18 months is incredibly young (in my honest and humble opinion). The Boy has never been looked after by anyone other than me, mum or hubby since he was born. A fortnight ago he started in playgroup one morning a week and it almost killed me. Rather than being insecure, he was perfectly happy to stay and play with the other children. In September when he’ll be 3 years and 3 months, he’s due to start state nursery every morning or afternoon. I’ve 95% made up my mind that he won’t be starting then because he’s too young still. I’m thinking of keeping him off until the January when he’ll be 3 years and 7 months. I will never get this time back with him, and he’ll be in school now until he’s 18 at least. There are so many things they can learn from us, and you’re a teacher, you can ensure he’s catered for. I think playgroup sounds like an option that *I’d* prefer1

  3. Thank you both for taking the time to comment.You’re right @TheBoyandMe – there are many things they can learn from us – but I also feel it’s important for his social and general skills development to be in a nursery environment – especially since there aren’t too many other options for us here!I’ve more or less convinced Hub that we should defer until September. I really do think it will be better for him. He’s just so little now!

  4. Hello hun, I was debating the same thing. I was in fact so fed up of looking for entertainment options for Ranveer that I wanted to send him to nursery from Feb (if a place accepted) but then again, the poor boy cannot communicate and is not yet comfortable with any other adult. How will they know when he needs water or will they wipe his tears when he cries or cuddle him? Luckily, the nursery that we liked for Ranveer is offering him a place at two (september), so I will wait till then. He may not learn more vocab or some other things being at home but once he starts school, there is no end to it + he is little now and maybe once he is a bit more independent, it would be the right time. Also, I want to enjoy being with him in the mornings for a few more months before he is off to start his next phase:). So other than my own emotional reasons and even though I feel on some days that he is ready for nursery, it is best for him to be home until 2 for several reasons including better immunity. My two pence:).

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