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This week’s letter is… A  

And THIS, my friends, is my picture


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Mum of One


Like most Hindu brides, I had a Mehndi ceremony when I got married.  This is when the hands and feet are painted with henna.

The designs are very intricate and take hours to do.  The lady started mine at 7am and didn’t finish until 5pm!  These days some brides choose to have only a little done, rather than all of it.  While planning mine, my mum suggested I do that – just have a little on my hands and feet.  I refused!  A bride only has her Mehndi once, and I wanted to do it properly!  The henna is a dark green paste and the bride is not meant to remove it until it is completely dry.  They (whoever ‘they’ are) say that the darker the mehndi, the more loved the bride will be.


The groom’s name or initials are usually hidden in the design somewhere and he then has to find it.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but friends and I always joked that it’s a good way to ‘break the ice’ on the wedding night – especially if the wedding is arranged and the newly married couple have only met once or twice before!

Hub didn’t find his name (don’t ask).  It had been put on the side of my ring finger.  A very special place, I thought.

Now, if you read my post The Plan, you will know that I have a list of things that I aim to do while I’m in London this week.  I’ve achieved most of them, including number 10.

I got a tattoo.  I had my husband’s name tattooed on my ring finger, where his name had been placed during my Mehndi.  It hurt; and should probably be a bit smaller than it is, but I quite like it 🙂

No doubt some of you will think I’m out of my mind.  I know my sister does!


I came across this site, which is great if you want to know any more about Hindu weddings!

Flying Solo

I did it.  I can’t believe I actually left V in Lagos and came to London for the week.

I was feeling absolutely fine about it, as I’d organised things for him to do every day.  BUT he started coughing a little on Friday afternoon.  And on Saturday he got a runny nose.  I thought it was just a teething issue, but wasn’t sure.  So we went to the doctor.  

The doctor said he would be alright, especially since he didn’t have a temperature, but to put him on antibiotics since his tonsils were a little inflamed.  I told Hub right then and there that I wasn’t going to leave the following morning.  I couldn’t.

Hub was very reassuring and said to just go and that everything would be ok (I think he was trying to get rid of me).  The doctor decided to put his two bits in and said to go and that there was nothing to worry about.  So I went.

On Sunday morning I woke up and spent a little time with V.  I got ready and said goodbye.  Hub said they’d come downstairs, but I insisted they stay upstairs and watch the Wheels on the Bus (again).

I didn’t cry – but I felt wobbly and anxious.  I was felt ok once we started boarding.

Row 64, don’t you know?  They should have just stuck me in the toilet!

This is the first flight I’ve taken since July last year (the sixth flight) where I’ve been child-free and able to eat a meal and watch a movie.

I started watching ‘The Help’, but had to turn it off when I saw the little girl at the beginning and the tears started.  

Two movies, one sitcom, one meal and a packet of wine gums later and it was time to land.  I couldn’t wait – I was desperate to pee (I NEVER use the bathroom on the Lagos-London sector)!

I called Hub as soon as we landed and was (again) reassured that everything was fine.  They’d played in the garden and V was feeling much better.

And now I feel much better too.  

I’m in London for a week and I’m planning to make the most of it.  

If I don’t freeze first!

Mix-Tape Monday #7

The theme for Mix-Tape Monday this week is…

A Song That Means Something Special

I actually didn’t know where to start with this one.  As I looked through  ‘My Top Rated’ playlist on iTunes, each song reminded me of something special.  From a dance, to a drive with Hub, to an ex-boyfriend to Vinay.

My first instinct was to use Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra) as that was our first dance song at our wedding.  But I’m sure I’ve mentioned that one several times before!

Then I stumbled upon this one.  An old favourite.  A classic.

I was only five and we somehow got a copy of the 1984 American Music Awards on video.  Does anyone remember it?  It’s the one where Michael Jackson won 9 awards?  Anyway, my sister and I watched this video over and over and over again.  Lionel Richie was presenting and one of our favourite songs at the time was ‘All Night Long’.  He sang it during the awards and we watched the video repeatedly.

At our wedding reception, as a surprise (maybe she was just as surprised?), my sister got on stage and sang it!

And here’s a picture of Hub and I dancing to it!


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Mind Your Own Business

I was chatting with a friend (via BB) on Friday evening – it was his last night as a single man and he was feeling a bit excited and nervous about the ‘Big Day’.

I can’t remember how it came up, but I told him that once the wedding is over, everyone will start bothering him and his wife (his wife more) about when they’re going to have a baby.  He is expecting this and is kind of (I think) mentally prepared to fend people off.  Although this is difficult when it’s an ‘elder’ in your family.

(One of Hub’s aunts told me that she hoped to hear ‘good news’ after our honeymoon!)

Soon-to-be-married-friend asked me if that line of questioning and badgering continues even after you have your first child.  

My response: Fecking hell – YES.

People were asking me after three months if we were planning a second child!

An aunt has said (on more than one occasion), ‘Well, if you’re not working – you may as well get it over and done with.’  I smiled politely and muttered something about not being ready yet.  But what I WANTED to say shout was, ‘F*ck off!  It’s really none of your business!  Go and worry about whether your own children are having babies.’  (Yes, I was angry)

Insensitive ‘friend’ has said (more than once), ‘Don’t you think it’s time for a second?’  With the sole intention of winding me up (I’m sorry to say he succeeded).

Yes, yes – We *will* have another child (God willing).  Maybe even two (Hub doesn’t know that yet)!  I realise I’m not getting any younger (34 next year), and we kind of have to start thinking/talking about it…

So what’s bothering me?  


Do they seriously have nothing else to talk to me about?  Or do they think I have nothing else to talk about?  Shouldn’t they think before asking such insensitive questions?  What if we are trying (we’re not) and having difficulty?  

What’s wrong with enjoying every second I can with the child I already have?  

And does it really matter if there’s two or three or more years between the children?  There’s five between my sister and I and six between me and my brother.  It wasn’t planned that way, but I think it’s worked rather well…  Only my parents could tell you.

Anyway, rant over.  

What do you think?  Should friends and family members be more sensitive when asking such ridiculous questions?  Should they be able to ask what they want since they *are* friends and family?




The Plan

So…  Here’s the plan for my week in London 🙂

1.  Dentist appointment  (Yes there are dentists in Nigeria – but I prefer to go to the one I already know/have)

2.  Bank – Have to sort out ‘change of address’ for all our accounts

3.  Colour, cut and blowdry – Am thinking of getting highlights again – but making them quite blonde.  And possibly having my hair cut in a ‘choppy’ sort of way.  (Yes, I have a hairdresser in Lagos, but he always makes the highlights a bit too orange.  And I don’t want to see all the photos of his son from the last two years.)

4.  Eat at Arirang (Best Korean restaurant EVER on Poland street)

5.  Go to McDonalds

6.  Buy shoes for V (and me)

7.  Buy new handbag(s) and several pairs of shoes (in case you didn’t get that above)

8.  Have boozy lunch and gander around Selfridges with @NotSoSlummy and @MinistryofMum (at some point, I hope)

9.  Catch up on TV shows that I’ve missed (Internet here not fast enough to stream from sidereel)

10. Look into getting tattoo and where to put it

11. Get toys/games for V

12. Go to sister’s leaving drinks

13. Clear my crap out of apartment

14. Buy Pampers and nappy sacks (for V, not me)

15. Pick up some more breakfast cereal for V

16. Get doggy treats for Rolo

17. Try and buy some clothes for myself (but I’m sure everything will be wintery and I don’t need winter clothes)

18. Enjoy the Festive atmosphere

19. Freeze my butt off (bollocks – better find my coat and pray it still fits)

20. Miss my baby


It’s Nearly Sunday

It’s nearly Sunday.  It’s nearly Sunday and I don’t know if I should be excited or sick with nerves…

On Sunday I am going to London.  I am going to London for a week and leaving my fifteen month old baby with his dad and the nanny.

I *know* I have nothing to worry about – Hub will take him to playgroup two mornings in the week (hooray Hubby) and I’ve arranged for him to spend the afternoons with a friend and her son.  

I *know* he’ll be absolutely fine…  Right?

So why am I going?

1. My parents have moved to Dubai and my sister is joining them in a couple of weeks.  They’re giving up their flat, which means I have to go clear all my crap out of there!

2. My sister and I have George Michael tickets for the 17th.  Yes, I know it’s been cancelled now.

3. I have bank work to sort out (nope, I don’t believe in doing Internet banking from Nigeria).

These are the *main* reasons I’m going.

I’ve got other stuff planned – eating at my favourite restaurants, dentist appointment, meeting old (and new) friends, shopping and other ‘frivolous’ activities and appointments.  

This will be my last trip to London until June and I know I’m going to have a good time.  

I think I’m also going to be a little lonely.

The Gallery – My Awesome Photo

The theme for The Gallery this week is: My Awesome Photo

The photo I decided on isn’t one that I took myself, and it’s not the of the best quality either (nothing a bit of editing wouldn’t fix) – but it’s a very special picture.


The picture is of me, my sister and our mum.  I can’t remember which year it was taken in – but it was before 1984 because my brother wasn’t born yet.  It was taken in the garden of our house (in which I still live).

My parents have recently left London and moved to Dubai.  It’s the first time in a few years that they will have a permanent base.  A new home.  They won’t have to flit between the UK and India anymore.  It’s a new start; and while exciting, it’s been stressful for them.  

If I had the opportunity to turn my awesome photo into a giant canvas, this is the one I’d choose.

And I’d give it to my parents for their new home.

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The Holidays Are Coming!

I was feeling a bit jobless this afternoon (V was running riot and Hub was on baby duty since he’d been away all week :)) when I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t organised our annual Christmas (online) greeting card yet.

So that’s what I did!

I realise it’s not quite time to start wishing people Merry Christmas, but everytime I watch this, I can’t stop laughing – so I’m sharing it early!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

You have to know that Hub HATES these ‘cards’.  Heehee