Yesterday morning, Hub and I decided we would take Vinay to Sharjah to the Wild Life Centre.  There *is* a zoo in Dubai but I’d read some awful reviews about how the animals aren’t particularly cared for, and decided we would NOT go there.

Hub rented a car and driver for the day and we set off just after lunch.  It took us an hour or so to get there.  Vinay was not thrilled to be in the car for that long and the others weren’t thrilled when we got there and realised that the Centre was CLOSED on Tuesdays!  I insisted that the website did not state that it was closed then, but when I went back and checked…  Oops.  *feels very silly*

Rather than heading back to Dubai (since we’d come all that way), we went to the Sharjah Aquarium.  I was so excited to take Vinay – he hadn’t been to an aquarium before, and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.


They also had a little playground outside, which he was very happy to spend a little time in!


(He is still learning how to sit on the slide properly!)

In the evening Hub, my sister and I went to The Meat Co. for dinner.  The steaks were delicious!  The restaurant is in Souk Al Bahar.  It is a beautiful place – but unfortunately I have no pictures 😦

I’ve eaten so much I’m going to have to roll into bed!

One thought on “Closed!

  1. Looks like you had a fab time at the aquarium anyway. We went to the Blue Souk in Sharjah which was fabulous.

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