I Spy (F)

I spy with my little eye,

Something beginning with….


That’s right – That’s the letter Mum Of One has given us this week!

So here you go…




Fishy (not the most original name, I know) was a return gift from a birthday party we went to last month.  EVERY single one of the (one hundred) children got a goldfish as a present.  The mind boggles.

Anyway – That’s my F!

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Mum of One

9 thoughts on “I Spy (F)

  1. Hilarious present! Most of the mums weren’t thrilled, though we had to agree it was quite a unique gift. Especially since the theme was Finding Nemo!Thanks for your comments xx

  2. THEY GAVE FISH AS PRESENTS?? *thinks* That is awesome. I want to go to a b’day party and come home with fish. Great F 🙂

  3. This is definitely a first – normally you just come away with cake, sweets and plastic tat! I wonder what the shop thought when they asked for 100 fishes?

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