The Plan

So…  Here’s the plan for my week in London πŸ™‚

1.  Dentist appointment  (Yes there are dentists in Nigeria – but I prefer to go to the one I already know/have)

2.  Bank – Have to sort out ‘change of address’ for all our accounts

3.  Colour, cut and blowdry – Am thinking of getting highlights again – but making them quite blonde.  And possibly having my hair cut in a ‘choppy’ sort of way.  (Yes, I have a hairdresser in Lagos, but he always makes the highlights a bit too orange.  And I don’t want to see all the photos of his son from the last two years.)

4.  Eat at Arirang (Best Korean restaurant EVER on Poland street)

5.  Go to McDonalds

6.  Buy shoes for V (and me)

7.  Buy new handbag(s) and several pairs of shoes (in case you didn’t get that above)

8.  Have boozy lunch and gander around Selfridges with @NotSoSlummy and @MinistryofMum (at some point, I hope)

9.  Catch up on TV shows that I’ve missed (Internet here not fast enough to stream from sidereel)

10. Look into getting tattoo and where to put it

11. Get toys/games for V

12. Go to sister’s leaving drinks

13. Clear my crap out of apartment

14. Buy Pampers and nappy sacks (for V, not me)

15. Pick up some more breakfast cereal for V

16. Get doggy treats for Rolo

17. Try and buy some clothes for myself (but I’m sure everything will be wintery and I don’t need winter clothes)

18. Enjoy the Festive atmosphere

19. Freeze my butt off (bollocks – better find my coat and pray it still fits)

20. Miss my baby


5 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. That looks a very jam packed schedule. I love love love London at Xmas time. Hope you have a fantastic time!!

  2. Wow honey. Have a great time. I’m enthralled by no. 10. Never had the inspiration/guts to get one myself. But if you do, you must take a piccie and blog about it x

  3. Thanks Donna – I already have four tattoos (but want to get two of them removed). As for this one, I know what I want, just not sure where to put it πŸ™‚ x

  4. I love love love London at this time of the year. The sales, the chilly weather. AAh, have fun on my behalf, or rather a glass of wine:). Enjoy to the max, take loads of pics. xx

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