Mix-Tape Monday #2

Oh dear Lord…  This week’s Mix-Tape Monday theme (set by Boo and Me) is…

Guilty Pleasures

I have hundreds of songs I could have chosen from – but the first one that came to my mind when I saw the theme, was this one.  So I decided to stick with it!

It’s uplifting, it makes me feel happy and it’s ever so embarrassing!

So, I present to you:

Colourblind by Darius

*hides in corner while everyone laughs*


Go on over to Boo and Me to check out the other Guilty Pleasures 🙂


Boo and Me


Kissing Birds

Vinay loves animals.  He’s not talking yet (apart from ‘mama’), but he can identify a variety of animals by pointing at them.  I’m sure there are many fourteen month old “babies” that can do this, but I’m ridiculously proud of my boy!

His favourite of all is birds.  I don’t know why – but he *loves* birds (the feathered kind, not the female kind!).  He gets very excited when he sees them in books or in the garden.  He often kisses them when he sees them in his books – but sometimes needs a little encouragement…





There Is Where I Do It

SAHDandProud tagged me in the ‘Where do you do it?’ meme created by Bibsey

Now, get your mind out of the gutter…  It’s WHERE YOU BLOG!

So here…  This is where *I* do it.


On my bed.  I can see who might be coming up and down the stairs, the window is on my left, so I can check if someone’s arrived or not (doorbell doesn’t work when there’s no power) and V can watch his very irritating nursery rhymes DVD sitting right next to me!

Ok – I’m tagging: 



Where do *you* do it?

Does It Really Matter?

I registered on Twitter a few years ago, but didn’t use it very much.  I logged in now and then and interacted with a few people, but didn’t really see the point of it.

I stopped using it for about eighteen months.  During that time I got pregnant and had Vinay and have only just re-discovered it earlier this year.

I really wish I’d found some of the friends I have now during that time.  I’m sure my pregnancy and Vinay’s birth might have been a very different experience.

Twitter and blogging have offered me a solace of sorts.  They’ve offered a supportive community and I’m happy that I’ve made some good friends. 

Having said that, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve begun to feel a little disillusioned with it all.  I’m a ‘newbie’.  I’ve been blogging for about five months and still, I know, have a lot to learn.  But tweets I’ve seen and some posts I’ve read have made me wonder about a few things…

Mummy?  Blogger?  Mummy blogger?  Parent blogger?  Write reviews?  Don’t like to read reviews?  Blagger?  PR?  Really?  Does it *really* matter?

What’s the point of complaining about people using blogging prompts, bloghops and memes too much?  If they’re there and they’re relevant, why *not* use them?

Check your stats?  Once a day?  Once a week?  Once a month?  Never?  Great!  Want to know where you rank in Tots100 or Wikio?  Good for you!  Stats and rankings matter to some people.  Some bloggers want to know how they work.  What’s wrong with that? 

And while I’m at it…

Should some be telling others how or what to tweet or blog about? 

Does it matter if people retweet their #ff every Friday? 

Does it matter if people want to check their unfollowers? 

Does it matter if people use Triberr?

Shouldn’t people be allowed to do these things without being ridiculed, belittled and embarrassed?

There’s always the option of unfollowing, blocking and not reading!

We’re all adults.  We’re all different and we all have our own opinions.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with expressing them.  It’s natural and healthy to not agree with everyone’s opinions.  But don’t we need to think about how we’re expressing ourselves?  Healthy discussion/debate – perfect.  Trolling and being nasty – unacceptable.

People have a choice in everything they do.  Regardless of whether their choices are seen as wrong or right, boring or irritating, or even bordering on ridiculous – they are still *their* choices.  As long as they’re comfortable and happy doing what they do, who cares?

Leave them be.

Don’t judge.

Each to his own.

But that’s just my opinion.


Well here’s a post I never thought I’d write…  But it’s become clear that I need help!  You see…  Since V was born, I’ve been having trouble with, well…  My pants!

Pre-baby, there was no problem – my knicker drawer consisted of mini, bikini, thong type under-garments (of course there were the granny pants too).  I had a separate drawer for matching bra and undies sets – some sexy, some practical, some girly and flowery.  All good, yes?  I thought so, anyway.

Post-baby – and it’s all gone tits-up (no pun intended).  My bras don’t fit anymore – I’ve gone up five, yes, FIVE cup sizes.  So I’ve packed them all away, hoping that one day (soon) they will fit again.

But the *real* problem isn’t the bras (although it is a problem) – it’s the pants.  I can’t wear *any* of them!  I wore low-rise undies up until V was born.  Very comfy, no crack on show when I leaned over – I had no issues.  But now, I just can’t wear them anymore 😦

I had a c-section and the elastic from my bikini/mini pants sit right where my scar is.  It’s been over a year – but it still itches and I still have the odd twinge now and then.  Anyone else have the same problem?  

So I resigned myself to wearing those awful (to look at, but so comfortable) full-brief type pants.  Then I discovered midis (and back in my original size 12).  Also comfortable, but they don’t exactly make one feel terribly ‘womanly’.  Sometimes I wear the M&S Shapewear undies – again, not very attractive.  Ask Hub – he’ll tell you!

Now, while these undies are all very comfortable, I find that they make me look *much* more hippy than I am.  I put them on and I suddenly have these bulges!

So what’s the solution?  Stay in my midis, be comfortable and a bit ‘hippy’?  Oh, and unattractive.  Or go back to my minis/bikinis/thongs and be uncomfortable and itchy?  Oh, and still unattractive?  

I’m still trying to get rid of this tummy!

Advice?  Anyone?




Mix-Tape Monday #1

A new meme! This one was created by Boo and Me, and I knew I had to take part 🙂  

You can read all about what Mix-Tape Monday is and how it was born here.

I love listening to music, and as I mentioned in my Music as Therapy post, I don’t really get much of a chance to listen to what I want to listen to anymore.  For instance, today I listened to Row Your Boat, Old McDonald and Baa Baa Black Sheep fifty million times!  

Apart from not listening to music of my choice, I feel so sad that I’m not really up-to-date with what’s out now and who sings what.  

This week’s theme is: 

‘A song that makes you want to get up and dance’

It sounds so easy – but there are *so* many of them!  I had to really trawl through my iTunes library to choose just one!

It took awhile, but I settled on:

Destiny’s Child: Independent Women

I LOVED Destiny’s Child and this song reminds me of going out clubbing (back in the day) with my sister and two cousins.  As soon as this song came on we’d rush to do the dance floor!  I think there may have been a few nights when I actually refused to go home until they played it!

Love it!

Boo and Me



Listography: Top 5 Famous Folk I Used To Fancy

So this is the theme over on Kate Takes 5 this week – and I feel embarrassed just thinking about it!  Looking through MrsSlummyMummy‘s list – I realised that a couple of our crushes were the same – thank goodness!

Ok, so I’m going to own up and admit to my teenage crushes!

1. Jake Ryan

I LOVED Jake Ryan (and still love the ‘idea’ of him) and always wished I was Samantha Baker *sigh*


2. David Schwimmer

I know – he’s such a geek!  But there was something about him when he was in Friends…  I think it’s because he and my (then) boyfriend (who is now Hub) looked a bit similar.  Somehow, I don’t see the similarities anymore (my husband’s much better looking!).



3. Rob Lowe

I don’t need to explain this one.  I still have a crush on him!



4. David Wheaton

American tennis player.  I had the opportunity to ball girl for the Beckenham Tennis Tournaments for two years when I was about 13 or 14.  Every single girl had a thing for him.  I still remember his car license plate: H236 VUY  At least we thought that was his car, but no one knew for sure!


I’ve seen a recent picture of him.  He’s not that attractive anymore.  Come to think of it, I don’t think he ever was!


5. Grant Show

He was in Melrose Place in the 90s.  He was a bit of a bad boy and I couldn’t wait to watch him on every week!



How embarrassing?  Go on over to Kate Takes 5 to see all the other teenage crushes 🙂



One Week

It’s been a week since I’ve been online.  And what a week it’s been!

Last Wednesday, Vinay started coughing a little at night – so I gave him Tixylix before bed on Thursday and Friday and he was fine.  He was ok on Saturday during the day, but was coughing a lot during the night.  Again, I gave him Tixylix.  Our generator also stopped working on Saturday morning – but we had power for most of the day and all night – Thank God.

On Sunday morning the power went.  And V had a temperature of 101.  He was a bit cranky – but was, overall, in quite good spirits.  We went to the doctor.  A different doctor (again).  He said to continue with the Calpol and Tixylix and see how he was in 24 hours.  He didn’t want him to start antibiotics straight away.

By 7pm, the power still hadn’t come on AND the inverter died.  So we were in complete darkness with a poorly baby.  We packed up our stuff and headed over to the in-laws’ place for the night.  V was happy to be in the car, happy to see his grandparents and was quite playful.  But, his temperature had not lowered.  

It was way after his bedtime and he was exhausted – but he just wouldn’t sleep.  He spends time over at his grandparents’ flat, but he’s usually in the living room.  He’s not used to the bedrooms and kept staring at the ceiling, the walls and the furniture and crying.  He would stop as soon as I took him into the living room.  I thought about putting him to sleep there and then transferring him.  But it was too noisy – TV, people talking, chairs scraping, dog barking, etc.  I was desperate for everyone to go to their rooms so it would be quiet.  Hub?  He was sitting on the sofa leafing through a copy of Vogue India.  Yes, very helpful.

V wanted to be walked.  He kept crying and pointing at the front door.  So we I took him downstairs for a walk with the dog.  As soon as we went into the building again, he’d start crying.

We made it through the night with coughing, vomiting, crying, a non-lowering temperature and walking.  He was exhausted by morning, but still couldn’t sleep.  However, as soon as we got home, he passed out.

In the afternoon I took him back to the doctor.  His temperature was 102.  He was burning up.  His cough was so much worse and I was worried.  The doctor said he had a respiratory infection and we had to start him on antibiotics.  He said to continue with Calpol, but gave me a different cough syrup (thank goodness, because I hate Tixylix).  He instructed me to alternate the Calpol with Nurofen and said that if his cough wasn’t better in 24 hours, I’d have to take him back to use the nebuliser.

V was listless, tired, weak, cranky and his temperature would still not go down.  He tried standing and almost fell over because he was so weak.  And I wanted to weep.  It went down to 100, then up to 103, down to 99 and then up to 104.  My mum kept telling me to sponge him down, rub brandy on his forehead, feet and navel.  While these are all good things to do, Vinay hated it and just screamed blue murder.  Giving him his medicine was a battle.  All he wanted to do was sleep.  She told me to keep doing it and I had to get his temperature down so that the fever didn’t go to his brain.  I was a total wreck.  Should I call the doctor?  Should we just get in the car and go to the doctor again?

Hub was helpful – he helped me give V his medicines and was supportive when I was huddled in bed crying.  He is always ‘the strong one’.  But there was only so much he could do.  Vinay refused to go to him.  He would only stay with me.

The following day, Tuesday, his temperature was still up and down, but was mostly down.  He was eating a little, his cough was a bit better and by the evening, he was in good spirits.

He was fine by Wednesday – though still coughing a bit.  But at night, he didn’t sleep a wink!  He wanted to be walked and woke up every hour for about thirty minutes.  He had a tummy ache.  The doctor had said that Nurofen can give children tummy aches.  But what choice did I have?

Today we’re going to back to the doctor for a quick check-up.  Hopefully everything will be ok.

If you’re a mum and reading, you’ll know exactly how I feel.  Everytime he cried, I wanted to cry.  Everytime I took his temperature, I held my breath.  The relief I felt when I his temperature was normal for a few hours was so immense, I cannot explain it.

I posted a few weeks ago about how I’d turned to mush.  

Apparently nothing’s changed!