Mix-Tape Monday #4

I can’t believe it’s Monday again!  Where is the time going??  Oh well, at least it’s a Mix-Tape Monday 😀  

The theme for this week is:

A Song From The Best Gig You’ve Ever Been To

One of the things I miss about living in London is going to concerts.  The first one I went to was a Madonna concert.  1987, Who’s That Girl?  I was nine and it was FAB!  I went to see Michael Jackson the following year (BAD (the album, not the concert)) and again when his Dangerous album came out.  I’ve been to three Prince concerts, Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, R Kelly, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child and even *whispers* MC Hammer (please don’t tell anyone).  I loved going to Capital FM’s Party in the Park in the summer as well!

I’ve been thinking long and hard…  One song?  Just ONE?  

I decided to go with…. 

Prince – Purple Rain

I was a HUGE fan when I was at school.  The second concert I went to, my sister wrote to school (pretending to be my mum) to let them know that I had her permission to leave for the night:)  My walls were plastered with Prince posters and I was quite pleased that he was the same height as me!  He may be a little…  Eccentric, but he’s a wonderful performer and his voice is undescribable.


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8 thoughts on “Mix-Tape Monday #4

  1. I love that song. It made me bawl my eyes out as they played it over the freworks at Camp Bestival this summer! x x

  2. Fab choice. I missed out on getting Prince tickets when I was in high school because my mum wouldn’t let me camp out to buy them. I sulked for days! Must have been great to see him.

  3. Good choice. I can’t believe you seen so many cool people. I would especially love to see Bon Jovi. Were they good?

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