I Won An Award! (Kind of)

*GASP* I won an award!

Oh – thank you butwhymummywhy! *bows before you*

In order to accept this award, I have to accept its conditions…

I have to tell you seven things that you don’t already know about me.  

Bloody hell, people – you all know everything!  Remember the A-Z of Me meme?  Or the Versatile Blogger award?  Or the Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me meme?

Oh well…  Here goes.

1. I don’t drive.  I don’t know how and have no desire to learn.

2. I have several fitness DVDs sitting next to the television.  Unused and unopened.

3. I want to get two of my four tattoos removed (no, when I was 20 I didn’t think about what pregnancy would do to my body), but plan to get another one next month!

4. When I was about fourteen years old and at (boarding) school, we didn’t get to drink milk whenever we wanted to.  I regularly ate my chocolate Nesquik powder straight out of the box with a spoon.

5. We had a Pet Corner at (same) school.  It was actually a cold, damp shed with shelves and no lighting.  We weren’t allowed to go there after dark.  I felt it was pointless having a hamster (Hammy) and never being able to see her (since they’re nocturnal and all).  So I hid the cage under my bed.  I did pretty well – moving her cage from room to room (depending on which rooms were being cleaned that day).  About a month later the cleaner found it.  I didn’t get in trouble, the matron kept Hammy in her bathroom for me 🙂

6. I have six single photo frames and two multi photo-frames (eleven photographs in each) on the floor of my room right now.  I have been meaning to change the photographs in them and/or get photos printed for them, but just haven’t got around to it yet.  Tomorrow.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  Maybe.

7. I love not working, but I miss being independent and earning my own money.

So there you have it.  Seven very uninteresting and random things about me!

And now…  I bestow this prestigious award on:

Mummy Mishaps


Red Rose Mummy

Good luck 😉



2 thoughts on “I Won An Award! (Kind of)

  1. Oooh tattoos? Umm where? ;). They always fascinate me but I have a grand totalOf 0. I am so lazy I haven’t even bought a fitness DVD yet. I really want to get fit and lose a bit of weight. I am *thinking* about running!

  2. I have one on my ankle, one on my hip, one on the base of my back and one on the back of my shoulder. It’s the ones on my hip and base of my back that I want to remove!I don’t know why I bother with the fitness DVDs because I already know that I am so unmotivated when I have to exercise alone… Oh well 😦

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