A Milestone

Today, Vinay reached a new milestone.  His head was shaved – signifying cleansing, a fresh future and saying goodbye to his babyhood.  Although, having said that, he’ll always be my baby!

I’m quite proud of myself – I managed not to cry.  I couldn’t have a breakdown when he was so distressed 😦


Yes, as you could see in the pictures, he wasn’t happy.  But, after his bath he calmed down and was fine!


Traditionally, the baby has to wear a yellow ‘kurta’ after his bath and then go to a lunch or dinner hosted by his maternal grandparents.  Since my parents aren’t here, we went to my aunt’s house for lunch.


He actually seemed to have forgotten about the events of the morning and had fun.  Maybe a little too much fun, because he was exhausted by the time we came home!


It was heartbreaking to see him cry the way he did, but I’m so relieved that he’s over it now and back to his normal self 😀

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Vinay was born with a fabulous head of hair.  When he was a teeny tiny baby, people would stop me in the middle of the street to comment on how much hair he had.  

His curls are gorgeous (if slightly out of control).  When his hair is wet, it goes down past his shoulders.  It’s longer than mine!  I have a whole array of clips and rubber bands to keep his hair neat.  And my sister says he looks like Krusty the Clown when we tie it up.  But I love it.  I love the curls.  I love burying my face in them and smelling his baby scent.  

He’s (obviously) very attached to his hair as well.  When he’s looking at books, drinking his milk, thinking or falling asleep – he often strokes his own hair.  I think he finds it very soothing.

And that’s why I’m so upset.  

Tomorrow, Vinay will have his head shaved.

I knew it was going to happen.  As soon as I knew I was having a baby boy, I knew that we would have to shave his head when he was in his thirteenth month.  But that doesn’t make it any easier!  It will grow back, of course – but it will never be the same.

In the Hindu tradition, the hair a baby is born with is associated with undesirable traits from past lives.  So, at the time of the ‘munan’, the child is shaven to signify freedom from the past and moving into the future (thank you Wikipedia).  Apparently, shaving the hair is also meant to stimulate proper growth of the brain and nerves.

This is just one of his rites of passage *crying*


Anti-Social Baby?

My child is a bit wary.  He’s suspicious of new people and surroundings.  He’s a bit of a scaredy-cat.  He doesn’t like lots of loud noises or voices and can be a bit clingy and cranky when we’re out and about.

At home, however, he is quite different.  He loves his room.  He can tear it apart within minutes – pulling books and toys off the shelves.  Throwing blocks and other brightly coloured plastic items on the floor or across the room, all while babbling very loudly.  He’s happy at home!  He’s happy looking out of his window.  He’s happy to look for birds, trucks and, sometimes, even horses.  He’s happy crawling from room to room and hiding behind his cupboard to play peek-a-boo.

He’s not had very much opportunity to be around other babies and children.  We do meet friends of course – but not as regularly as I think is necessary.  And the mums with babies his age have other friends with kids, which I do not.  (I’m not a complete loser, it’s just that most of my friends are single!)  And we are still, 6 months later, wait-listed for the (I say ‘the’ because it’s the only one) playgroup.

When we do go out, we go out after 4.30pm – because it’s much cooler then.  Usually at about 5.30 – 6pm, he starts getting clingy and cranky.  He takes the toys the other children have – not because he wants them, but because he doesn’t want anyone else to have them.  He doesn’t smile all the time (he has his off-days, I guess) and two mums have said, ‘He’s not very happy when he’s not at home, is he?’  And they know, because they’ve been over for a playdate before.  I just kind of shrug it off.

Three weeks ago we went to a birthday party.  We spent one hour in traffic getting there.  Baby was not happy.  He was, I think, still getting over the shock of his own birthday party.  This was a joint party – so there were 50 kids ranging from 6 months to about 9 years, it was outdoors, the music was loud, it was chaos and my baby was not happy.

He wouldn’t let me go.  He wouldn’t smile at many people and he wasn’t interested in the balloons, face-painter or bouncy castle when we got there (he relaxed after about thirty minutes and enjoyed the slide).  We saw a mum with her baby (who he knows).  She talked to him a bit.  He just stared at her.  

And she said (to my boy), ‘Are we feeling a little anti-social again today?’  

I wasn’t sure if I heard her correctly, but I actually knew I had.  And I didn’t know what to say.  I found myself mumbling something about the traffic and him being tired.

I KNOW he needs to get out more.  I KNOW he needs to spend more time with other children.  I KNOW he needs to get used to other environments.  I KNOW he won’t always be a scaredy-cat.  

But I also KNOW that you don’t call a baby (especially someone else’s baby) anti-social.  WTF!

I felt a little hurt.  And I started feeling a little guilty (as always).  Have I made the most out of the options we have?  Should I be making more of an effort to get Vinay out and about – and not to see just adults?  Will he always be clingy and cranky in new environments?  What will happen when he starts nursery at 18 months?

Is this a phase?  Will it get better?  Is this his personality?  Is it a confidence issue?  Will he prefer to spend time in his own company as he gets older?  

Should I be worrying this much?


First Steps

According to my in-laws, Hub took his first steps on his first birthday.  His brother also took his first steps on his first birthday.  My nephew also took his first steps on his first birthday.  So the pressure was on.  Apparently, Vinay HAD to walk on his first birthday.  Now I know this isn’t exactly something that I can *make* happen.  Imagine the disappointment when he didn’t stand up and run across the room on 7th September.  Or even on the 10th, the day of his party.  I tried to explain that V isn’t his father.  Or uncle.  Or cousin.  And that he would walk when he was good and ready.

Last Monday (19th Sept) he took one step and fell down.  The next day he took two steps and fell down.  Then he had a cold and a temperature.  He got better but didn’t attempt to take any more steps.  And I didn’t make a big deal out of those steps because…  Well, in my mind they didn’t count.

What happened today is a different story.  See the picture below?


V was standing at the table playing with the iPod speakers.  He would turn the volume up, look at me, clap, dance and smile.  Then he’d turn his attention back to the speakers, play with the buttons again and repeat the clapping, dancing and smiling.  I don’t think he really knows how to work the volume buttons, because he turned it up very high.  He got a fright, jumped and then walked from the table to the edge of the sofa/bed. 

A good 4 – 5 steps!  

In my mind, this counts 🙂

I can’t believe my baby is walking.