Petits Filous Thursdays

If you know me or my son you will know that Petits Filous is one of his favourite things to eat and a very important part of our lives.  If you follow me on Twitter, you will probably have read tweet after tweet about it – going to buy some, paying a ridiculous amount for it and, sometimes, not being able to find any!

Thursday is Petits Filous day.  The supermarket that stocks Petits Filous sells it on a Thursday.  I once went on Friday morning and the whole fridge section was completely empty!  So, buying Petits Filous is what I do first thing on a Thursday morning.

I took V with me for the first time last week.  He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw stacks and stacks of them!  I took him again yesterday.  He started bawling on the way home because he wanted to hold it *rolls eyes*

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you!


Will he ever grow out of this obsession?  Or will I have to keep paying £1 per pot until he’s 18??

4 thoughts on “Petits Filous Thursdays

  1. Omg it’s a pound a pot?? I thought of you yesterday!! Petits filou is a big part of our house too. I couldn’t get him to eat half the stuff he eats without it!

  2. Yep – ??1 per pot! Ridiculous, isn’t it? He usually has one every day, but if his lunch or dinner is something he really doesn’t like, he has two!

  3. ??1 per pot my goodness thats very expensive!! i see that he cannot wait to get on and eat them! such a beautiful boy xx

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