Music As Therapy

The Boy and Me has tagged me in a new meme!  It’s called Music as Therapy and was created by Mammywoo.

This is a great one because I hardly ever get to listen to my own music anymore.  In the past I always had music on in the background – ALWAYS.  For the last three days we’ve been listening to The Wheels on the Bus and Yankee Doodle (over and over and over again).  Before that it was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song and before that it was Hub’s crap music!

So, to have a go, just pick;

3 beautiful songs

3 different bands

3 sets of lyrics that touch you in anyway you want to show

I have to admit, I’m struggling.  I have many favourite songs.  I just don’t think they all fit into the same categories (as stated above).  I have specific songs I listen to when I’m furious, excited or a bit down in the dumps!  

So – three songs.  ARGH.

1. Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon

This was our wedding song šŸ™‚  I always ask Hub to dance when we hear it.  He usually says no.  HMPGH.

2. Deniece Williams – Let’s Hear it for the Boy

This is one of my all-time favourite songs.  It always makes me feel happy, plus I love the movie!  I like to sing it to Hub now and then – but he thinks it’s cheesy and hates it! šŸ™‚

3. Ne-Yo – Because of You

Love, love, LOVE this one.  It’s impossible to sit still when I hear it!  Also, when pregnant, V always kicked when I listened to it (as well as Usher’s OMG and Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano (I wish I knew why!))

So there you have it.  I’m not sure I even stuck to the rules, but oh well!

I’m going to tag…

Chatty Baby

Actually Mummy



Mummy Alarm

Can’t wait to read theirs! *smiling already*



One thought on “Music As Therapy

  1. Sorry I didn’t comment on this before! I *LOVE* your first two choices, especially the second one. Good work missus!

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